We demystify health – what pandemic?

The pandemic has reminded us of how valuable all life is, while both reconfirming our teachings regarding the celebration of it, as well as our belief that at the core of any definition of personal health must lay a consideration for the Earth’s health and all of the living creatures on it (and vice versa) – humans, chickens, water, trees, bees, cows, air, and land included. Here’s why.


It also confirmed how important it is to stand up for our right to be healthy ourselves and not outsource it, to live as we wish, to live and think and dare to do it. To share the knowledge gained with those who want to learn, and stand together in the fight against those who stand to profit from from making us and the Earth unhealthy.

What did the pandemic change for you?

We learned to work more online, and re-create our training for devices. Now we rely on and trust our experience of the many years of personal meetings and diagnoses. To do health assessments, that is pulse, facial and eye diagnosis invoking all our senses as antennas, is very different when done through the screen, but not at all worse, only different and sometimes we learn even more. What I can say is that intuition takes a greater role. With over 17 years of professional work and many years before that, of studies and training, we felt confident let our intuition talk, study it and practice it. It went very, very well and here we are again, innovating. Extreme times require creative solutions and our solution and offer are four personalized online training opportunities.

The after-retreat support that we always offer (and makes us unique in what we do) was ramped up with the growing pandemic and the questions started coming in mail and over chats. Locked down ourselves in Thailand when we should have been in Spain (there are still no flights), we found ourselves meeting people online, answering questions about health and statistics. We got to catch up with lovely guests over the screen, help their family members or friends (even a dog). It was lovely, really lovely, and as weird as it might sound, very intimate and personal. To concentrate on one voice at a comfortable distance, got us totally connected in new intimate ways. It is quite nice to be sitting in bikini (it’s the hot season now) in ones private place listning and sharing worries with someone in pyjamas in Europe. That’s when we decided to do training online.

Demystified health

Doing what we do everyday we found ourselves being digitalized, making more videos while doing it, be it Ray’s breakfast, or Cristina’s mini yoga workout or breathing. We answered the same questions asked by many in one post, or one video instead of several calls. It’s been on this blog since the beginning but we finally got around to post more and more tips. We had one-on-one assessments and to our own astonishment, they worked great. Now we ask, is it possible that we become more time efficient in front of a screen? Absolutely! But we didn’t lose the sensitive intuition, in fact it was excellent.

For those feeling sensitive to share, it’s safer in a home environment. We have time to reflect, free of what otherwise is also communicated during a meeting in person beyond just the voice. It was revealing and maybe a better solution to the facts that many of us find the modern world exhausting when having to meet so many people in a day as done in a city, supposedly a great cause of stress. Maybe the in person meeting is not always better for all, just different?

As much as we love and prefer meeting people in real we had already limited our retreats to a maximum of three people in Thailand, but the pandemic made us find new forms of doing the same meeting online, which is hell of a lot better than not meeting at all. So now we pray to the internet god too!

O·nline O·live training in four languages & O·live proportional pricing

This is a step further in the same direction we had already taken all those years ago from the very beginning when we – in shock – realized that health care was disease care and that Codex Alimentarius (WHO) is BigFood, BigAgro, BigChemo and BigPharma, and that being healthy is rebellion against those who don’t really care about your health. What we do is reclaiming our rights to the knowledge of health, and the freedom to live our lives as we wish, not as someone else wishes for us.

It’s really about #HealthDemocracy and hopefully it will leed to a #HealthyDemocracy so please have a look, share us wildly and hopefully we see you online.

  • We offer four trainings online in four languages, priced very frugally and we hope more people can demystify health and find it easy ,as so many have done already.
  • We introduced a new proportional pricing plan that allows partial pays and if you can’t pay maybe there is something you can help us with in reverse. Let’s talk!
  • Convinced about our message and feeling a bit rebellious ✊ we are pretty fed up with BigPharma and dictatorial behavior that see freedom as the right to profit on others’ misery. We would love to share our message high and low, on how easy it is to stay healthy, and how important it has become to stay healthy in the 21st century.

In times when being vegan for the animals and the earth, or when questioning the health care authorities is seen as activism, we who think it is the new normal, stand together online and in spirit.

Love you guys 💜💚

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