Watch “PLANDEMIC” with virologist on fb or YT – by Mikki Wills

Dear friends,

If you receive our mails you are most likely already living a healthy lifestyle or considering doing so. I would definitely do it now. It’s even more important now than ever.  Teach your kids too. Watch the video and you’ll understand why. You have to take care of yourself and you can’t rely on anyone else to do so for you.

The most fundamental human rights are being violated right now, worldwide and it’s going to happen again if we, the people, don’t take a stand against it, namely the right to live, and to live healthy and what that is should be up to one’s self. This video is a testimony from one of the best virologists that we know of. I have followed her case for years since she got famous for her research on HIV.

She revealed that those who recommend how to treat the Cv2 virus are the same people that developed the virus from an animal cell to implant it into a human cell, which would have taken 800 years if it would have been a “natural” process. If this is true our bodies have missed out on 800 years of natural immunology. This is as evil as the villan in the worst James Bond movie. Is this really happening? Well, as I have worked in the holistic, non-mainstream medicine for over two decades, met many experts and doctors that were forced out of the “system”, it would not surprise me. However you decide what you think yourself. 

I translated it into Spanish, French and Swedish and it should come out in several other languages soon, if it’s not taken down before. If you didn’t get to it on time let me know. Please watch the video, consider sharing it before it’s taken down. I believe it will be. I wasn’t impressed by other videos saying the same thing, as it wasn’t scientifically convincing, but Dr. Mikovits on the contrary is very convincing, and other experts have confirmed it. She knows virology. 

Stand for your rights, stand together and get informed by those who don’t stand to gain from it and don’t listen to those who stand to gain (media gets 50-80% of the revenues from BigPh) or only wants to create fear for us to wanna trust our governments. Listen to virologists or immunologists not to those who have a foundation and are billionaires from the IT sector.

The number one rule to get informed is to make sure the informer doesn’t stand to gain economically on the advice given. It’s ludicrous that a guy like the adviser to the W House and the WHO, also stands to profit on the treatment he recommends (as all advice from Codex Alimentarius ALWAYS do – read my blogs on this). Once again he will first get funding through tax money, create or buy the vaccine and of course patent it, with the same dudes he did last time (HIV). Then he, he and she will continue scaring the governments to buy the vaccine, as done before, and start forced vaccinations all over the globe, not only in Africa, also done before. 

And by the way, if he and she thinks overpopulation is the issue in all cases, what is his remedy for it? Who does he suggest should kill who? 

I’ll end with a quote from a doctor: “God knows what’s in those vaccines!” 

8 thoughts on “Watch “PLANDEMIC” with virologist on fb or YT – by Mikki Wills

  1. Darling one cannot see the video ITS been taken off.
    Enviado desde mi smartphone Samsung Galaxy.

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