What have you learned from the pandemic?

The pandemic has reminded us of how valuable all life is, while both reconfirming our teachings regarding the celebration of it, as well as our belief that at the core of any definition of personal health must lay a consideration for the Earth’s health and all of the living creatures on it (and vice versa) – humans, chickens, water, trees, bees, cows, air, and land included. Here is why.

Thus our offer still stands – a unique method and individualized attention to help our guests create their own solutions to achieve their visions for physical, mental and spiritual* health – but with the added beam of clarity and appreciation the Corona has brought us. With over twenty years of research and work experience in the academic, corporate and political worlds, and more recently in the 21st century human world of COVID and curfews, quarantines and socioeconomic changes, the question we start with is the same we asked ourselves a long time ago – what do you want in life, really?

The rest is easy, and anyone can do it. We only need a few days of your commitment to show you – seven to twenty one days would be great.

In presence, or online. More about us and our O·method.

In any case, COVID or not, future Coronas or not, we still have to do something with the pollution and destruction we are causing every minute through our unsustainable living. Here are three things we find easy, that everyone can understand and do, which would reverse the mess our species has caused the Earth.

Your money is so important. Learn how to buy responsibly by the three most important skills.
1. Eat as much plant based as you possibly can
2. Don’t buy anything you don’t really, really need (incl clicking)
3. Don’t waste water and electricity (incl uploading)
Learn more on how you can change the world through yourself @olive_retreat
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And by the way, I’m sorry for the previous blog that slipped through un-edited. The new version is now free from some mistakes. Thanks for bearing with my Spanglish 🙏😊

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