Ayurveda support the immune system

It’s not clear how viruses work and virologists are desperately trying to figure it out to create vaccines, the latest one is for COVID-19 (CV2).

What we do know is that they trigger the immune system to send out the big warriors to shoot anything that’s suspicious. Sometimes, or for someones this is going berserk causing more damage than helping and it’s actually what could be lethal if the body isn’t healthy and have enough antioxidants to stop the white blood cells and other “warriors” after doing the job their job. If this happens we have chronic inflammation, and we don’t want that.

In alternative medicine we usually don’t believe in using toxic medicine (more inflammation) to treat toxic viruses (or other) that we know will cause side effects. If there is anything our progress has taught us is that we might be comfortable for a short time by doing that, but to the cost of un-health for a long time and even for generations to come.

The Coronavirus is a welcome wake up call to our partaking of evolution, and if we have any choice (maybe we don’t) it sure feels best to me when I ingest and do what makes me healthy and strong, and most people would agree in theory but they don’t do it, or don’t they know how to do it?

We prefer to trust our bodies and nature, and support the natural process used through out evolution that created and still creates us and our viruses. The question we ask is if there is any non-harming way to help the body while under attack, and we find multiple ideas and remedies from pre-industrial era, when there were no petrochemical derived medicine for quick fixes. Nowadays we even have a vast amount of scientific literature to read about these natural remedies. Here is already a study on COVID-19 and homeopathy and Ayurveda in relation to immune system support, in non-infected people in quarantine.

Human Study: 6887 asymptomatic subjects in 98 quarantine in Gujarat, were given Ayurvedic (5102 subjects), Homeopathic (1688 subjects) medicines with their consent, to strengthen their immunity as per the Indian ministry AYUSH and their suggested methods (different modalities depending on person).

Post treatment tests showed that none was found #COVID19 positive when tested:

Source: Gujarat govt.

How it happens on a biochemical level was not studied in this study, and usually we don’t in our natural world as that would require a huge budget, which we never have. We work with what nature invented and it can’t be patented to earn huge money as BigPharma do by working with non-natural substances  (hence they are not interested in natural substances).

What this means is not much from a scientific standpoint, only that 100% of subjects were not infected during 14 days during the distribution of the herbs. However from a personal standpoint it’s amazing as it’s a good and easy way to boost the immune system while there are viruses around and overworked hospitals. Known immune-boosting herbs are many, and usually it’s our common spices in food. Instead of telling you which ones we prefer you take fresh ones form your area. We always want fresh herbs, so depending on where you are find out about your Flora.

What we would love to see are tests of those infected and treated with the help of herbs, hence serology tests that look for for anti-bodies. Until then we are happy with the results, would love to know more about the amazing plants we love so much, but until then it’s protected in the mystery.

Papaya leaf – great anti-microbial, bitter. 

More on how we work on http://www.oliveretrest.com/ayurveda


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