Cliche #1 – there is a “truth”

Olive Retreat

During these times of panic in the stock markets, in hospitals and in governments, some of us might be liberated in realizing how fooled we have been believing there is “a truth” as proclaimed by those knowing that they know the truth. Shame and guilt comes along with the “truth” if we can’t make it valid for us, as if we’re wrong or less capable for honestly not seeing that same truth, and more so for not mastering it. One example is to believe in those we voted for.

Below are the main reasons (I could find many more) why this cliche of “the truth” proclaimed by many laymen or professionals, can’t possibly be true, or such a line of thought, without being hugely contradictory at times and why we could consider that there are ultimately no truths, but only doings and their consequences.

  1. What about all the truths not explored, or even thought of to explore? If there is anything we have learned from the evolution of humanity is that we evolve and rethink our truths. How many times have humans proclaimed to know something for sure but have ultimately been wrong, or how many of our truths have been assimilated into a much larger picture, minimizing their importance. Consider also the “truths” of all other creatures.
  2. If we invoke any others in our personal truth by telling them, we invoke a pair of ears, some 50 trillion cells, and the person formed by those cells. This person has had its own unique experience in understanding and exploring the words and the truths they represent, each of which can only be true if everything else isn’t true. Therefore we would have to study all the multitudes of possibilities that weren’t studied at the time of the claim that there is a single truth. Also, consider the multitude of possibilities we weren’t even capable of knowing, or understanding could be explored, such as the perspective of an animal, tree or virus.
  3. Language is a lousy system to communicate with other humans, but probably the best one we have. Words (language) come with an understanding that is highly dependent on and filtered through the personal experience of the word. Consider this ubiquity when understanding anything in the universe and speaking about it, as it always depends on environment and the person living in it. As an example, the word Healthy means different things for each person, and over time.

As “the truth” is so complex we rely on the teller when we seek to find it outside of ourselves, and we lose track of what he (it’s usually a white he in his 50’s – 70’s in the US) is really saying. Some people are more believed than others, so the truth gets less importance than the messenger. In these times of pandemics this is clearer than ever and worth reflecting upon. Who do you chose as a messenger?

More than ever there are speakers of “the truth,” leaving the virus pandemic looking pretty bleak compared with how the “truth pandemic” looks right now. Symptoms of anxiety, frustration and aggressive behavior spur as we are encased in our homes, hearing all the truths but not knowing who or what to believe, as if there was something we need to believe. Here is where O8 #1 comes handy. Sit back and listen to the stories of truth, like the bedtime stories we read to calm, amuse, or make our kids doze off, and don’t allow them to cause you stress (which is very unhealthy).

I’m hugely grateful for these stories and thank everyone for their effort to share their ideas, and to the social media platforms for allowing us small guys to share ours. I like getting perspectives from a multitude of sources, not only the big guys. But ultimately it’s my and receptors, my body and mind, that will tell me what is right for me. It’s like trying out a new pair of shoes and walking in them for a while to see how they feel. If they feel good and I can reach my goals to stay healthy, I keep them. If they don’t, I pick a new pair to try out. When we acknowledged our own 50 trillion cells, or so, we would ask the feet how they feel walking in those shoes. If they were high heels, for example, I wouldn’t wear them, in spite of what the world wanted from me. It’s the same methodology we use when choosing herbs, food, words, meditations, drinks, touch, colors, aromas, exercise, and other. We study and try the best ideas and see how they feel in each individual body and mind, all of them more complex and diverse than the universe itself.

Life is constant change (O8 #2), but by now we have a pretty good idea of what to try out when they come up, and we continue exploring all those shoe possibilities. Although I admit that for most of this life and the meaning of it, I’m as bare footed as I was when I first saw the light born from my mother’s protective womb.

Maybe that’s the only truth? 😊

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