Creative Meditations – April 5-30

Your mind is free. So are our prompts.

In April you are invited to join our Cm (Creative meditation) for all the O’s scattered around the world, and those you may wish to invite as well.

A healthy, creative mind is the best problem solving gift you can have in addition to all the other basic healthy stuff we shared at our retreats.

Every day we will post a prompt to enter the Cm, and then let your subconscious take you on any kind of evolving ride, the wilder the better.

  • Sit where and how you want. We like to stretch a bit first to feel better.

  • If we can, we like to do our Cm before sunrise or after sunset.

  • Find a good breezy place for fresh air, or air out your room, if you can, and take a few deep breaths feeling the air go in and out.

  • Set the alarm for 5 minutes, or as much as you want.

If you don’t remember how to meditate and our view in it, read more about our meditations and why they are key for a healthy mind and body. The Earth needs new ways to solve the problems our old ways have created. This could be a great start.




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