Learn and Heal the 👑

Learn about the CORONA (Crown) and other viruses and how to beat them before they make trouble. The Corona is a group of viruses that like to live in our respiratory systems. A virus hijacks the cells as they can’t live and feed outside cells for very long.

Zoologically we are animals, and very often what can infect animals can infect us. Zoonotic disease are those passed on to humans from different types of animals so first and foremost stop supporting the animal farms by buying their stuff.

The Corona virus, strain COVID-19 (COrona VIrus Disease 2019), as most other seasonal viruses is one of those, and they are only lethal when they are seen in a group of events. When the virus is in our body the immune system kicks in, creates inflammation and attacks the infected cells with the help of oxygen, hence the oxidation of those cells. When this happens the feedback to our body is to stop the inflammation, and when the job is done it tells all soldier cells to go back home and wait for next intruder.

This only happens when we have anti-oxidants in our body. You probably know by now that those antioxidants come from plants 🌿🍎🍈😊 Eat them!

If the body doesn’t have enough antioxidants in the body it will not be able to stop the inflammation and send the “immune soldiers” home. They keep killing like crazy, and our non affected cells will also get hit. This causes the typical wound where bacterial infections can start. This is the real cause of death in most cases, but we have to see the whole process as one. If the affected person is already a non-plant eater, maybe a smoker and/or lives in an area with high pollution . . . well you can imagine those poor lung cells and the fight they are up for 😮 Add to this a few other diseases, stress and worry, medication, alcohol, crap food, sugar and other stuff people do that weakens the defenses, and it’s easy for the killer bacteria to proliferate.

🍎🌿If you feel a sore throat, sip hot ginger tea and other herbals, made from fresh produce (not dry) every 15 minutes to kill the viruses (they die at 27C/ 80F degrees) before they hit the lungs. If it doesn’t get better gurgle with iodine and/or a 1,5% hydro-peroxide diluted in water, to stop the virus in the throat from going into your lungs and creating a wound where the bacterial infection can follow in a weakened body 🍈🌿

Fresh plants, and especially spices and herbs, contain those antioxidants that we need so much, to support your immune system and beat all type of infections, the Coronas 👑 and other viruses, and the bacteria causing infections that can follow. Infections always creates inflammation so any nutrition and habits that are anti-inflammatory would be healthy such as meditation, calm exercise, sleeping, etc. Watch other videos on how to support your immune system and live an anti-inflammatory lifestyle.

Eat your freaking veggies and fruits, and stop doing any diets that recommend against it. Sip your hot teas, and use Stevia leaves as sweetener. These spices are especially good at supporting the immune system and can be eaten after making few rounds of teas:

– Indian, Middle Eastern and North African spices, used as medicine in food as per Ayurveda. 👍 Turmeric always with black pepper, clove, cardamon, cinnamon, start anise, mustard seeds, fenugreek, cumin, etc. All are very common and used to heal in many traditions around world for many thousands of years, such as in Ayurveda (ancient Indian medicine), and Chinese medicine (TCM).

– Thyme, Oregano, Rosemary are super herbs from the Mediterranean countries, use for herbal teas, not only in food.

If you feel a decline in your capacity to smell and/or taste things  take extra precautions as you might have the COVID-19. Two out of three tested of those reporting decline in smell and taste where infected. This is not uncommon during regular flu and colds but in this case it can be good to track before any other symptoms show up.

These videos are made to support our guests on how to stay healthy. It’s general advice so if you have personal questions please get in touch with us or or your medical pros. Don’t stop taking any prescribed medication without consulting with your medical professional.

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