The Virus Has No Nationality

Viruses and other beings (except some humans), don’t care much about borders. To say that a flue originates in an area is a tradition among virologists to give pandemic (international) or endemic (local outbreak) a name, but the informed know that viruses evolve from previous versions, just like anything in evolution. The question then, becomes semantics. The geographic place where a pandemic starts depends on where you first tested and noted the outbreak. It depends on how you define the virus strain, how it’s tested and more so how much it’s tested. If you only test those who go to the hospital there might be another area where they have more virus but also more immunity. To politicize a virus is like saying that the virus has a passport.

This information is important for virologists but not for the sick. When the virologists have done their job we will know where the Corona has gotten strong enough to spread across the globe and take measurements to avoid this from happening again. There is no secret on where other strains of Corona have had a paradise to evolve – animals farms. They are incubators for these and other microbes that can infect humans, too, as we also belong to the animal kingdom. We can sometimes get infected by Zoonotic (from animals) infections, but not really from plants. Plants a too far biologically from us to get killed by the same viruses and bacteria as animals. That’s why we should eat plants.

In the cases of COVID-19, Mad Cow, MERS, SARS (and many more), animal farms and markets have been found to be places where the virus or bacteria can grow very strong and invade the world. To support that industry by buying the productified animals and worse, to use tax money to support the industry is ludicrous and pure madness in our point. It’s the animal agriculture industry that causes most pandemics, most climate change, tops pollution – and by buying the products one supports inexplicable cruelty too. Under the conditions of industrial animal agriculture no animal can have a strong immune system. Any animal tortured as they are, human animals included, will get weak and sick, and these viruses are going to thrive.

We have seen leaders hanging out ethnic groups, women, poor people, slaves, and now during this pandemic indirectly animals, for pandemics. The animals, as other voiceless, have to pay with their lives as thousands and thousands of pigs, chickens and other animals are now being burnt alive. How can this Animal Holocaust still be going on 2020, and even subsidized by tax money? We are not alone thinking this is madness. The Corona is here to show consumers and voters where their money goes?

The solution is to #gogreen now – good health, heal the environment and cooperate to go green all over the world. All we need to do is stop productifying animals –  says the Guardian, the Economist and about every environmentalist. These type of farms exist in all countries in the name of progress. To blame one country or their leaders for something that our leaders do as well is only fragmenting our world in times when we really need to cooperate.

During WWI when the Spanish Flu hit the world it was kept secret by the allies. In this case the voiceless were the soldiers forced to fight the war. It wasn’t Spanish at all, but it was in Spain they wrote about it in media while keeping a secret in other countries. The virus came with the American troops to Europe and nothing was done to stop it. The scary bit with a pandemic behind 15-100 million peoples death (no one knows the exact figure as it was kept secret), was that it was young strong men who died. Yet, put into context it is understandable that the trenches, more so in winter, would have weakened the immune system of just anyone, merely due to the placebo effect of a hopeless situation. The governments these men were required to fight for (UK, USA and France) did nothing to prevent the flu, and even more so lied in saying it was from Spain to prevent the soldiers from refusing to fight. By the time a few of them reached the hospital there weren’t enough antibiotics or even nurses and doctors – who were then also infected – to take care of them. Most died from bacterial infections that followed the virus infection, which is how most viral infections get lethal, also the Corona family.

The propaganda and fragmentation of the world has caused panic, and as the Spanish flu we have a new pandemic situation – the economic one. When the health authorities beg people to stay home they lack hospital beds and treatments such as ventilators, and should get more to be prepared, as they did in Wuhan, rather than making those with no risk stay home. The faster the population get the virus and build anti-bodies the faster we get through this, just like the flu every year. If you don’t smoke, have no respiratory issues or other preconditions and are not over 65 years and generally healthy there is no reason to NOT get the virus. If you get it you will be immune and actually protect the elderly form getting it and you can work.

The other pandemic is the economic one following the virus quarantine. When the business beg for help to not go down they need consumers and their workers, so we can’t just stay home, either. We can do both to beat both pandemics without issues. The healthy and strong should get the virus to create immunity, like the children do, but not transmit it to the compromised. That’s when we see the peak of the infected go down, and that’s a good scenario. And we better get used to these scenarios, it’s not the last one. Now more than ever it’s a good idea to stay healthy and turn the business green – work form home, meet online and if you meet go for a walk. 

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In the meanwhile take precautions for a few weeks during the viral peak and keep your toddlers away from the elderly and those with preconditions. Go out to meet others. Avoid getting within a meter of people or cover your mouth and nose, as they or you might sneeze or cough accidentally and droplets of saliva could be infected. Don’t shake hands, and learn to say hello like in Asia 🙏

Use your elbows to open doors and keep surfaces as your phone, benches etc clean. Stand with the back to others in public places if you need to be in public, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, (better than to much alcohol that kills your natural defense (your own biome) of the skin). Cut your nails, and don’t touch your face if you haven’t washed your hands, and avoid touching money, and things many others touch, and of course eat your plants and don’t promote this again – don’t buy productified animal as food, bags or shoes.

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One thought on “The Virus Has No Nationality

  1. Hola guapa .gracias me ha gustado mucho tu artículo.

    Cuando comentas donde se produjo el foco pues me llego una noticia ayer bastante fiable que en Italia esta tan agresivo porque en Lombarda hay muchos Chinos trabajando para la marca de ropa Made in Italy y que trabajadores habían regresado justamente de Wuhan del año nuevo chino y que además es justo donde tiene esta marca su sede principal.

    La verdad es que pasó mucho de conspiraciones porque los hay para no dormir y en este caso no creo que lo sea pero que si que lo más probable que el virus entrara así en Italia.

    En fin viva lo verde. Y que paren YA con esta locura hacia el reino animal.

    El COVID 19 en Uk por parte de BJO era visto desde tu punto de vista pero al final esta teniendo que claudicar.

    Te mando besos libre de virus.


    Enviado desde mi smartphone Samsung Galaxy.

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