Corona prevention – 3 easy things to do

It doesn’t matter where the Corona strain COVID-19 virus originated in that it’s among us now, though understanding the source of many of these viruses (and other illnesses) goes a long way to preventing them in the future, as well as helping us to remain healthy and strong when and before they do arrive, including not supporting the industries that are behind ill health.

All known pandemic viruses and bacteria love animal farms, the incubator heaven for zoonotic illnesses (MERS, SARS, Mad Cow, Bird flu, Swine flu…). As these farmed animals live under terrible conditions, their immune systems cannot put up a fight, meaning the viruses can ultimately infect the entire animal population, and eventually the workers, within hours, hence why farm workers catch so many of these diseases, and these jobs count as some of the most dangerous jobs, both in the mental and physical senses. Also, consider the animal suffering and find out the truth if you still believe the animals live happy field lives.

If we want to get rid of the incubators for disease we have to stop supporting the industry . Besides these animal concentration camps, animal agriculture is the number 1 cause of the greenhouse gasses behind global warming, deforestation, pollution, etc., so stop buying animals for food, belts and bags is the fastest way to stop making yourself and the Earth ill. Remember, the earth’s health is your health (and the opposite applies).

Having said that, protect yourself from any infection, not only this COVID-19, by staying as fit and healthy as possible. That’s what we teach – which might explain why so many more people are coming to us for advice and services these days. More and more people are not buying the lie from Big Meat and Big Pharma anymore. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Staying healthy is actually very easy if you just understand the basics.

The big takeaway. Keep your immune system strong. Apart from the obvious of not making it weak in the first place by DESS (Drinking, Eating, Smoking, Sitting) below are some things you can do to make sure you are the best version of you during pandemics.

  1. Eat whole plant-based food. Don’t buy animal-sourced food (or give your money to those industries). Whole plants strengthen the microbiome, with the fiber your gut flora (80% of immune system) needs, and they contain the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other micro-nutrients first hand, which are crucial for beating any Corona infection and other disease. Spices and traditional herbs are packed with goodies and used as remedies.
  2. Take extra antioxidants and other micro-nutrients. They all originate from nature (all nutrients do) and anything passing a cow, a pig, a fish, a chicken, an egg or dairy product is just recycled second-hand nutrients, meaning a huge loss takes place (according to the Second Law of thermodynamics). Take a multivitamin and extra vitamin C. Add D if you don’t live in a sunny place. Take extra antioxidants that are good for the respiratory system where COVID-19 would make most trouble, such as Polyphenols or catechins found in Grape Seed Extract, garlic, and blueberries.
  3. Sleep well and breathe fresh air. Sleeping is important, even for the “I-work-hard-guys” 🙂 Because the virus hates fresh air, and can’t live outside our cells, you should go for walks in parks and woods if you need to meet people, or at least don’t hang out at the bar or the gym if you can be outdoors. In the woods you breathe a healthy biome. If you walk briskly you will practice and strengthen the muscles around the lungs which is probably the best thing you can do in this case as respiratory capacity is key. Work on your posture and stretch your chest, and do the breathing exercises (pranayamas) we taught you at the retreat. Watch our Youtube channel if you don’t know how to do the detoxing O-Pranayamas.


Next is to join us at a retreat as this is not the end of pandemics. It’s more relevant for everybody than ever to know how to lead a healthy lifestyle. Being healthy has become a human right issue across the globe again, just as life itself. So get informed by reliable sources, and don’t believe all they say in media.

This pandemic situation is the problem. When the health authorities beg people to stay home to slow down the peak of the infection we should take precautions as the health systems can’t treat all people at the same time, even if the virus as such might be of a less aggressive sort.

Any infection, anywhere in the body, is always an inflammatory process and as such the small intruder (virus or bacteria) oxidizes your cells to survive. Therefore you need Anti-oxidants to stop them. Any other inflammation – tumors, heart disease, joint pain, dementia, anxiety, etc, will be fought, too. Flu typically comes in winter when vitamin D is at the lowest in our bodies, and as the Spanish Flu it is most often the bacterial infection that hits while we are weakened by the virus, or flu. The learning here is that we need to eat plants, loads of fresh vegetables and fruit.

In the meanwhile take precautions for a few weeks during the viral peak and keep your toddlers at home. Avoid getting within a meter of people as they might sneeze or cough accidentally. Don’t shake hands, and learn to say hi like in Asia 🙏. Use your elbows for doors etc. Stand with the back to others in public places if you need to be in public, and use sanitizers, or wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water (better than alcohol that also breaks the skin if used a lot). Cut your nails. Don’t touch your face if you haven’t washed your hands, and avoid touching money, and things many others touch. Wash surface areas at home, and of course don’t buy animal sourced food.

Finally, come to learn more about natural (long term) health care.

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