Mercy Means Womb In the 1st Bible

Rachem is the Aramaic word for womb and equally for mercy. It was used in the first version of the Bible but – as other words and meanings that included women in the concept of sacredness – was changed. Thus were most of the feminine aspects of godliness or sacredness stolen from us in the year 325 when Pope Constantine held a meeting to reform the religion of the Roman Empire. They decided to drop their ancient polytheism and convert to monotheism and picked Christianity as state religion in the most well organised and ruthless military regime ever seen. Up until then, Christianity had been a forbidden religion in the empire, practiced by only a few who held secret religious ceremonies in places like the catacombs under the city of Rome. This is the start and foundation of the Christian schools of thought. 

Womb, or Rachem, was swiftly changed to heart, and a new meaning took form over the years. The famous Bleeding Heart was actually meant to be the Bleeding Womb, giving it a totally opposite meaning than implied by a bleeding heart. The bleeding womb gives birth, the bleeding heart is death. Originally they would miss a few instances of womb, thus leaving historians buffed and confused, but a few years ago we could find peace in the ancient texts that were no longer secretly held by the church in Rome. Finally they had opened up some of the archives under Pope Francis, probably one of the most progressive and open popes ever to sit in the Holy Chair and lead the 1313 million Catholic believers across the globe (2300 million Christians in total).

One of those places in the Bible is when a Roman soldier pokes a spear through the ribs of Jesus while he is still hanging on the cross, as was the usual practice to see if the prisoner was dead. In the text it says that from Jesus’s wound came blood and water.

The question why Jesus bled water has baffled interpreters of the text for centuries and all types of interpretations have been offered (by men, mostly) but not to my knowledge did any school of christian thinking ever question the very text itself to see why it didn’t make sense. On the contrary, it was made into a mystical reason. No modern Christians, such as Jehovah Witnesses or any of the new Protestant groups, seem to have either. How is this possible? Why didn’t anyone really doubt the text? How can they have been so full of themselves as men? How could they have believed the source, knowing its history of lying, oppression, murder, inquisitions, witch hunts and more?

Going back to our word, Rachem, which is the word used in that story, it makes total sense if you see Christ’s wound as a womb that gives birth to a Church, and what can be more protecting and merciful than our mothers’ wombs?


With the French Revolution and continuing during the industrialism men started to gain human rights and break the European casts, but unfortunately women were left behind and we still suffer from this in a mental and structural inequality that goes both ways and harms both women and men, and their kids. Basically the separation and inequality become manifested in the new laws and political systems and we are still far from equal. The most dangerous place for a woman (and children under 10) is still today, her home, normalizing aggression and violent men.

Did Pope Constantine and his guys ever have a clue what they would cause by erasing feminine sacredness from what was to become the largest religion in the world, denigrating the female body to something that was a sexual object or incubator for an inheritor? I doubt it, just as Cameron merely wanted to become PM and promised a referendum most likely oblivious to the consequences and subsequent suffering it would cause. He was just greedy for power. Some credit the early Roman anti-women campaign to the disputes Pope Constantine had with a few rich widows at the time and the desire to silence them in the name of a new order and god.

Whatever it was, and whatever it is today that maintains any form of identification and therefore inequality, it has to be questioned. We have to be better than the system and the God we have been trained under. It’s time to download a the latest version of God. It’s for sure not a He, not an a She either, so probably more a combo or what ever makes us feel faith, hope, compassion, love or other goodies to take us where we need to go – Oneness – and no, it’s not anthropomorphic at all.

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