Soul Detox and Walking

We often practice soul work combined with body work, a great combo. For example walking in nature, while facing one’s illusions.
One person came to terms with the fact that she felt entitled to a much better life than she had – she wanted more. More money, more time, better friends, nicer husband…
🤔Dismantling the myth of entitlement became her practice. She took it into her life back home, and began observing when this “myth” was animated in her psyche – that is, when she became envious of what others had, bored, or angry, with in particular her husband whom she found didn’t express emotions. Se felt entitled to “change him”.

She unraveled one myth and realization about herself after another. This is an unpleasant and very tough work and a soul detox from the toxicity of our culture, but she bravely stuck to her commitment because she did not want to suffer from this inner demon any longer.
📝She had a pocket notebook and wrote down the myths of entitlement as soon as she felt the feelings of irritation, sadness, jealousy…
She learnt to catch herself faster and faster, people around her noticing her feelings of jealousy less and less.
☺️When she had a moment she meditated on them, observed their origin and questioned her entitlement. She asked questions like:
– when and who told me I should have more…
– when and who told me he should be different.
Often we see that it’s just an illusion, a myth told by our culture, something we want from seeing movies and publicity. Our “wants” unconsciously become “I deserve”, and we lose capability to see what we really want and if we are prepared to go for it, if the effort to get it is really worth it.

To find the root of the entitlement and to dissolve it is humbling and when we feel humble we often feel grateful and that, I believe, is an important ingredient in happiness.

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