Make your business vegan

Italy is the first country to change the school curriculum to include environmental awareness in all subjects. Teachers have to take an online course to keep up with the facts of global warming, deforestation, species extinction, erosion, water abuse, and more. Then they have to implement it in all their subject so instead of counting apples in math the kids will probably count kg of soil erosion when forests are cut down to make food for animals humans strangely enough still eat.


Smaller kids are not as corrupt into culture and habits yet. In a study children under 5 were asked if they would eat an animal and 100% answered No! with horror. Wow, what a horrific lie we get and give further to our kids. The industry knows because they do these tests. So how do we get them into eating it? We say it’s a burger, sausage, nuggets (what is a nugget anyway?) but we never say it’s a pig, a cow or bird. Culture can be highly toxic and we believe it has to be questioned and by doing so, revised and adapted to new challenges and needs.

Our food and culture is up for huge scrutiny by environmentalists and the Holidays of high consumption and the food traditions they bring too. How can you make a sustainable and vegan Thanksgiving and Christmas? Governments like are going to require it. How can business adapt to the consumers who ask. We see a huge market possibility here and have helped businesses to see this market trend to be competitive.

Animal farming is the worst industry in all ways, not just in the contribution to global warming but also if we count the amount of chemicals used, the water pollution and consumption (2400 liters to get a burger), deforestation, species extinction, garbage (manure is highly toxic), and don’t get me started on the animal suffering. Add to that that that diet jumped up to be on the same level of mortality as smoking, hence it is seen as the No.1 cause of death and disease (USA and UK). What comes after is disability, cost of medical bills, human suffering, etc. Why? Because we didn’t question our culture.

The Italian committee to set up the new curriculum in all schools said that “kids understand this much faster than us adults and they are the ones who will have to deal with our mistakes. Youngsters protest all over the world telling us everything we do has to become sustainable”, and as such it has to be vegan. In 5 years some of these kids will go to university. In 10 years they will look for the most “vegan jobs”. There is no way they will or even can work in a meat eating and unsustainable environment.

In my previous job as a long term marketing strategist (before I became a health geek) this would have been a major topic for our board of directors. The question they would have to adress is: How can we make our company sustainable and vegan asap to attract the top performers and contribute to a sustainable future? This is a huge opportunity for companies that “get it” and adapt to an inevitable future.

The side effect is that you lower your risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer, Parkinson, artrosis, osteoporosis, allergies, depression, anxiety, endometriosis, MS, fatigue syndrome, autoimmune disease, and all the rest of the disorders and disease we suffer from today as 98% of them are inflammation based, as in eating animal derived foods, including dairy.

That’s where we come in. We have done this for a lot of people and work spaces over the years and 96% of our guests stayed healthier after 6 months when asked in a survey. 

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