What is (healthy) food?

At least seventy five percent of the food in supermarkets, even less at most schools and restaurants, is not what we call food at all, in the sense that it’s gene manipulated, pesticide saturated, and additive bloated.  It’s not very natural at all, not the animal foods either, and the basic rule for staying healthy is to stay natural, just as our bodies are. The processes and substances used in the modern food industry leave us with food that is toxic. Processed food create processed bodies.

For us at Olive, food is simply the produce mother earth offers us without manipulation, pesticides, additives, aromas, coloring, and doesn’t come in boxes or bags with long ingredient lists, labels warnings, nutritional advice and brands. We can live of it, sure, but how? Who needs medication around you, who is struggling with overweight and fatigue? Those that think sausages, burgers in white bread and ham is OK. If you don’t hunt your own meat (I hope you don’t) it’s not even safe animal foods for sale. The farmed animals are GMO and patented, and just as unnatural as the stuff they add to the sausages to keep you buying it. It’s all legal to kill innocent people like that because those that set the rules for the food industry (and pharmaceuticals) are the same as those that produce it, members of Codex Alimentarius (WHO).

For example, rather than buying a carton of apple juice, just buy the apples and make it yourself, or even better, just eat the freaking apple and you get all more of the healthy stuff like the fiber. If you eat meat, poultry or fish, make sure the animals were reared in natural habitats, eating what they too were meant to eat. You know, deer (cows) don’t naturally eat soy and corn! Keep in mind that not only do humans eat food that is not natural, but modern animal agriculture rears animals on food that is not natural for them either, which means consumers are getting badly “recycled” plants with often diseased animal meat. Vegan food is healthier for them (cows want to eat grass) and us anyways (read more)  and they, as many muscular animals, get very strong on it, so building muscle is not the issue with vegan diets. If you have Netflix see The Game Changer.

And ideally, buy and eat food without labels as only elaborated foods need the label to show the consumer what they get. Hence apples don’t need labels, but juice does!

Think about it, what is food? Silly question, right?

Well, not really, at least not considering what we talked about above and that there is a lot of money involved in what food is recommended or not, and not if we consider that we are all different. Thus what is good food for one person might not be good for another person. Food intolerance and allergies are very common in the world, and we differ with respect to what we can tolerate, and most people are not even aware of being intolerant to food as they don’t know how to recognize the sub-clinical symptoms. Also according to our metabolic constitution, or Dosha, as we call it in Ayurveda, we digest food differently.

spain market food

Healthy eating means therefore first finding out what food is most likely going to bring out the best me, and then try it. To find that out is part of what we teach at Olive Retreat and then the hardest part of eating well (=healthy) is to stick to it when our old habits with “must do” celebrations and things happen. You don’t have to all the time if you are healthy but isn’t it crazy that events like Christmas when we indulge to the verge of needing a rehab, we call merry! What other animal would eat like that?

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