Animal Sourced Food is Toxic for Humans

Picture a chicken walking around gracefully with its grand feathers beaming, or a fish swirling in the sparkling water, or a cow looking at you with it’s big eyes. Now, if I tell you to kill it and rip it open with your teeth, would you want to do that, could you? Probably not as you are not a felis catus, i.e. a cat, as their hunger arises when they see something move, hairy, slimy and grey or brown. Humans usually don’t find that very appealing. If a human find a sausage nice enough to put in his/her mouth it’s because we have been taught to do so in this lifetime but it’s not a biologically inherited instinct as Dr. Milton Mills and many biologist points out laughing at the quasi (non) science that the Paleo diet eaters claim.

What you see in a living animal is not appetising to you as a human, and even less a dead chicken or fish and much less a dead cow. Look at the calves on the picture, do you want to rip its throat, and eat it raw? If not, you are not a carnivore. If you were a lion, a dog, or another carnivore, you would be so excited as to run away with your kill before any other carnivore could show up to rip you and the dead animal apart.

cow cute

Most of us are not carnivores, so any animal-sourced food is poisonous to us. No human being kills and eats as carnivores. We can’t. Our intestines are not designed for it. The cat has a stomach 10 times larger than ours and that harbors huge amounts of stomach acid to break down the tough meat, and very short intestines to pick up the (few) nutrients. And then after all the work, cats have to sleep up to 20 of the 24 hours in a day. For us to digest meat it has to hang, i.e. putrefy, to be able to metabolize, not to mention that our teeth aren’t capable of dealing with raw animal skin and meat. On the other hand garlic, onion and some fruit – like grapes, are poisonous to some carnivores. The reason why we eat meat is cultural, not biological. 

If your kids were carnivores or natural meat eaters they’d go berserk and kill a bird when they saw one, and drop the dead body on the front porch as your cat does. But they don’t. You have to lie to them, hide the well sliced pieces of corpse with sauces, and only then will you get them to eat it, depending of course on how ‘domesticated’ they are.

You get my point. If there is any worry about food poisoning, it’s not an isolated salmonella or E-coli break out (coming from animal meat btw), it is the consumption of what we shouldn’t eat – animals – and refined food and chemicals.

Next blog will explore where we got the terrible idea of being carnivores.

4 thoughts on “Animal Sourced Food is Toxic for Humans

  1. Articulate, to the point, and so, so true.
    I’m sure more people would not eat animals if they had to see what happens to them in order for their meat to appear on their dinner plate.

    1. Hi there, I’m terribly slow to answer (to even find the comments 🙂 Thanks for commenting, please read the coming two others and comment and share. I think we finally see a bubbling under the surface. I see the culture shift from the take-as-much-as-you-can society with the violence it brings. Let’s hope we can stop it 🙂

  2. Yes, thanks for commenting. I think that if people would stand for not being violent as most say they aren’t, they surely wouldn’t eat meat, as they wouldn’t eat their pets either.

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