Seek quality not quantity

Being healthy is about quality as opposed to quantity. Quantity is unhealthy, quality is healthy. Now that sounds really weird coming from us living outdoors, eating rice and beans, sleeping in tents and riding scooters. There is nothing expensive with that lifestyle. That’s the whole point. Quality has nothing to do with money or brand. Quality is about healing, about feeling that what we do and say is good for us in the long term. New studies show how diseased the richer countries are compared to the poorer countries. Fifty years ago it was the opposite. We have sacrificed our health for earning greater quantities of money, then we have to buy health care to gain it back. How many sofas, tops or gadgets did you really need anyway and was it worth your health? The earth´s health?


A study about feeling healthy claimed that those around the world who owned more than 100 items are more likely to be unhealthier than those who owned in between 10-100 items, kids included. Is it that easy? Well, I guess so, at least in my life I can clearly see that the more I earned and the more stuff I had, the less healthy I was. One part of having a lot of stuff is the competition it invokes, better to not even enter that league. The competition doesn’t end with money and stuff bought with it. There is materialism in anything; intellectual, artistic, muscular, looks and books. Gosh, we really compete on everything.

How many events haven’t you been to where you feel the competition about wearing the hippest brand, the latest gadget, the finest shoes, to being the most intellectual, the funniest, the most drunk, or the least drunk, and when you finally get out you feel exhausted and not empowered but rather you feel like a looser. Those moments are not quality, only quantity. That’s what our society is built on and teaches us from the very start. It’s called market economy. If you would feel good with how you look and with your functional gadgets you wouldn’t buy new ones. What would you do then, work less and buy less and seek quality not quantity?

When you start identifying the moments of quality you realise that they are often free. It’s moments feeling (intimacy and connection with) other lives, moments of tasting (the newly picked fruit), moments of a beauty (looking at nature), moments of touch (holding someone’s hand), moments of listening (to sounds that awaken your soul).


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