The best way to avoid food poisoning when travelling

“If I only would have stayed vegan…”

My daughter’s voice was weak, blaming herself for not staying to plant-based food while traveling. She had a tortilla española, (Spanish omelette) just before catching a bus. Her gut feeling was to not eat it, but as so often in our society her mind shut her gut down, telling her that they didn’t have time to look for other options. Now she called me from the youth hostel in Cordoba, after barely making it to her unfamiliar bed in the shared room, asking me for advice. She warned the taxi driver that she didn’t feel so good and that she had thrown up. He handed her a paper bag and with his soft Andalusian accent he told her not to worry. He saw that she needed to lay down. He cared more about her than his car.

Healthy Foods

My best advice when you travel is to stay away from animal sourced food, any, and all: eggs, meat, chicken, fish, dairy. I’m often told it’s so hard to find options, here are some ideas. Of course it is, if you think in the box. Get out of it, remember our O8 #7 – imagination is the first solution. There are two ways that will definitely save you time away from the loo, and save money too:

  1. Do picknicks: in parks, at stations, in your room, any corner of silence is good, but sit down to digest well.
  2. Don’t even look at the menu at the restaurant, but ask them what they can do for you. Tell them that you can’t eat meat of any source or you’ll die! Oh, and don’t forget to ask them for the price.
  3. Eat as much spices of all kinds that you can. Brew tea on them and put them in your water bottle. Chew them: clove, ginger, ginger, and other antiseptic spices. It will help you kill off intruders.

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