Clean is the real dirty, and dirty is clean

We have never lived as microbe-unhealthy and eaten and as little microbe-friendly food as today. New science is pouring in right now, finding the correlation between a certain micro biome and different diseases from chronic ones to temporary aches and allergies. This means that by taking a sample of your microbes we can nowadays see what disease you are most likely to get. In many ways it’s been much more revolutionary than the gene studies, and science is proving beyond question, that the so called epigenetic (what turns genes on) is to a major part correlated to how well we have treated ourselves and our microbes living in and on our body? Until the researchers give us all the answers, the best health advice is to eat and live microbe-friendly. 

green drink

The best food is not surprisingly food high in fibre like vegetables, pulses, whole grains, nuts and seeds. A Western diet has refined the fibre away and become a threat to our newly discovered friends, but food isn’t the worst killer. It’s the toxins: household chemicals, antiseptic soaps, antibacterial cosmetics, air-fresheners, pollution, food additives and worse than anything the medicine, not only antibiotics. Even those sold as “stomach protection” leaves a grave yard of dead microbial friends.

Apart from chemicals like additives, aroma and other stuff that isn’t real food, the killer food that creates an acid environment for the good flora is animal sourced and refined food where they have taken away what the bacteria eats and lives off: the fibre. Stress makes it worse. The best food is therefore green leaves, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, unrefined whole grain, rice and pulses, exactly the food we have served at Olive Retreat for years. Basically it’s unrefined plant-based food.

Other things that make our trillion friends thrive is fresh air, meditation, and exercise. Heard it before? Basically it’s everything that we know as healthy. “Something” has told us, and that something could very well be our microbial composition, unique for each one of us. The best and quickest remedy, and for sure the future medicine is what Ayurveda and other ancient medicines have recommended for ever: transplantation of micro biome. The best way to do it? Well, choose a healthy digestive system, get a sample from the stool, and spray it up 🙂

To learn more, see Live Dirty, Eat Clean.

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