An easy way get rid of your traumas

A quick way to get rid of your stiffness and get your body awareness back, as when you where a child, is to get to know your muscles, bones, and organs allover again, and become aware of their existence. Feel them, by dedicating a few minutes a day to your body. It’s a way to meditate. In all my years of exploration I have not found anything that works better for most people than Yoga (done in silence and no disturbing scents). But any slow, silent and stretching movement could do the same. The point is to feel, every movement, every muscle – feel which ones are active and which ones are relaxing, and avoid any disturbance to that feeling. Most of our stiffness comes from traumas experienced in childhood before we had the capability of expressing them or understanding them. The trauma was easily ‘stuck’ in our bodies, with a lowered flow of humours and energy. Any insignificant happening could have blocked the body and most of those we aren’t even aware of. More on this here.

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For a quick de-blocking of stiffness in the body, you can take away as much as possible of what is ‘censuring’ you from getting to know You, both your body and mind, i.e., to detox. That’s what teach at our retreats. Eat clean and healthy vegan food, get rid of toxic chemicals, etc, and for your mind, seek environments where you feel loved, not just tolerated. Change friends, partners, job, even family if you need to, but don’t stay in environments where it is required of you to like things you don’t like, or dislike things you don’t dislike, or to be someone you are not. You can always come back to those environments when you got most of You back and resist outer pressure or even understand and embrace the pressure. But remember where there is longterm pain there is no longterm gain. Equally there is not always longterm gain in short term pleasure.


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