Animal Sourced Protein Linked to Cancer

We don’t need as much protein as we think. Especially not from animals like the so called ready protein or Creatine or Androstenedione found in animals. Men and women who take extra protein drinks and pills shouldn’t do so, if they care about their health, the earth’s health and, why not the animals health?! We know from so many studies over the years that animal eaters have a much higher risk of getting cancer and other disease than us vegans or vegetarians. Here is another one: IMG_1687

A recent study published in the British Journal of Cancer shows that those who used the supplements, such as pills and powders, with creatine and androstenedione had as much as a 177% (OMG!!) higher risk to develop testicular cancer than those who didn’t, especially if they began using them before age 25, took two or more supplements, or used the supplements for three years or longer. What we need are the components of protein, the Amino Acids found in plants, not the big hard to digest protein molecules that animal muscles are built with. If you want a high performing disease-free body, going vegan is a no-brainer. This is no news. Most athletes know that a handful of pumpkinseeds or natural peanuts is a much higher source of easy to use protein for us than any muscle food from animals. If you are still not convinced that you can build muscles when only eating plants like our cousins the big apes, then check this. frank modrano

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