When we allow things to happen…

When we allow things to happen, even if we don’t want them to or don’t understand at first why they did, things usually turn out to be good. Life is a process and what can seem negative at first, can become positive later, and the positive can become the negative, and up and down and forward and back. The point is not to ‘fight´it, and to see life as a process, a constant change. On all levels life is Change, on the structured mass, the cellular, and on the energetic vibrational levels.

If something is hard to do, and we are told to fight and try harder, we must ask ourselves if it really is something we want if we have to fight so hard for it. If we want it, shouldn’t it come easy, be interesting and even be fun to do? Shouldn’t it just come as part of our unfolding process of living?

Is it really what I want or is it what I was made believe I should want? For me it’s important to keep in mind that I shouldn’t do anything, just for the sake of doing what is normally done and what is ‘hard’ because I’m the kind of person that would push myself too much for the wrong reasons. And also when I stop to think why it is so hard for me to do the things that I want, I realize very often that the act is hard but the outcome is what I want, so the ‘hard’ vanishes in the clarity of the purpose.

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