The Raw Spring Olives

What’s really keeping you from…? Join our new Olive Retreats and find out what you need to find out.

Let us introduce our new and most caring partners, Nina and Chrisboth are formed in the yogi tradition and Chris is an acclaimed Raw Food chef. They embody it in every stretch, every step, every bite and every breath, you’ll notice in your mind and body how well ancient traditions marry modern science. The fundamentals are the same for Olive retreat: return home lighter, brighter and more You.Istan olive hoddie

The Spring has been as chaotic as the stars and the planets promised it would be, with Saturn and March bringing ends to an end, and beginnings to begin. Could you feel the turmoil? We could. For us it meant Change. Innovation. And Healing. We started this year three months late and we auction the last rooms out to you. So, how much is authentic health worth? How much are you willing to pay for an Olive Retreat?

Join us the weeks starting the 28th of March, or the 18th of April for a cleansing week, when Spring is at its best in the mountains of Andalusia. Purify the senses, the mind and body, and go home feeling more energized and more beautiful than ever. So much so that everyone will notice the transformation that only a week required, after having given your body and mind a break from the good and bad we have given ourselves in the name of productivity.

If this sounds interesting let us know below and we’ll get back with the answers. Read articles about us in media our testimonials. Please spread the news, thanks!

venue collage

The Ronda Venue with a the perfect environment for a detox

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