Do you celebrate the Women’s Day?

We do! Every day. We think about the world we live in, every day. For us it’s part of our job, it’s part of what we believe is being healthy. There’s a lot that is unhealthy with how we are expected to live, and with how the world is being ruled today. We believe we have created a system that has promoted “taking,” not because one needs to take, but because one can, without being stopped or punished. It’s a society with no empathy, a society that has promoted the behavior of what in psychiatry is defined as a psychopathy: “I take because I can take.” It’s not healthy. Not for society, not for the ones who can’t defend themselves, and it’s not healthy for the “taker” either.

 women votewomens right

My dear friend and Olive partner Ray, in a moment of playful irony gave me a good word that describes this the other day: Dick-tatorship. I added the last part: Dick-taker-ship. The dick-take-or, man or woman, is someone that thinks they are entitled to take without asking and respecting. That’s a very sick person. A person that gives themselves a higher value than others and make the rules. Someone that patronizes. Someone who believes they do the right thing, often claiming that others do so why not them. It’s a disease that has spread in our society and any anti-oxidant is highly recommended, even if it is just to reflect upon this today on the International Women’s Day.

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We believe the only healthy person and society is a kind and compassionate one. We all know this. What is stopping us? Do we all have a free choice in being kind in all acts we do? Today is an excellent day to start. Women who have suffered under this rulership are remembered all over the world today. I invite you to do the same and study facts. Try to understand how women have felt through times of inequality. Professor Anna Wahl at KTH in Stockholm said recently; “No one can understand the women’s liberation movement if they haven’t studied women’s history”. It should be part of the school curriculum just as the history of slavery is.

I leave you with one of the women that I will think of today. She started a movement in France before the revolution. It was a period where we saw the possibilities of change for equality but the Dick-take-ors took over. Just as Spencer’s “Survival of the fittest” also was twisted  by the Dick-take-ors into meaning the strongest in muscles and stature. So wrong! I’ll think of him and Darwin today too.

During the French revolution Madame de Gouge tried to make the text of the ‘Declaration des droit de l’homme’  (Declaration of the Rights of Man) include the words ‘…et femmes’ (and women), but the revolutionary fighters were not that revolutionary. She was executed on the guillotine for her annoying attempt to be seen as a human. History is full of these women who were silenced, tortured and executed, which we never heard of. They weren’t the preferred writers on the publishers lists.


Thank you to every woman, man, child, animal, tree and other living being, that with compassion, have stood up against any act of dick-taker-ship in all times. 


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