March 28th – April 4th: Body & Mind Detox retreat

Join our new Olive Retreat! Contact us and we’ll send you more information and the program.

Has it been so long a winter?

Or are you just ready to learn which nutrition is good for you and which is not. Or perhaps you are just ready to lose some weight or float around the pool or take long walks in the sun. Maybe you’d like to learn more about healthy vegan cooking or raw food preparation, or maybe you just need someone to talk to or a bit of silence and a place where you can hang out with yourself?Yoga food

Join us the 28th of March, when Spring is at its best in the mountains of Andalusia, for a week of detox. Purify the senses, the mind and body, and go home feeling more energized and more beautiful than ever. So much so that everyone will notice the transformation that took place after having given your body a break from all the chemicals making has produced, and your mind a break from the toxic mess we have given ourselves in the name of productivity.

We don’t claim to have all the answers, or if they are going to match what you need, but we do have a well defined program that has helped many people get rid of everything form bad habits to chronic diseases, depression, or just a few kg’s. It’s like buying new shoes – try them for awhile and if they fit keep them and if they don’t, toss them.

If this sounds interesting to you let us know through a mail or a skype and we’ll get back to you.

Question? Read our testimonials or  let us know through a mail or a skype and we’ll get back to you with more information.venue collage

The Ronda Venue with a the perfect excluded environment for a detox

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