Detox Tips – Kidneys

The kidneys and the liver are often seen as the detox organs. I see all organs as detoxing; the gut, the skin, the muscles, the lungs, even the brain. The whole body fights unwanted molecules, and the mind fights unwanted thoughts and emotions. They serve us so beautifully all the time. Talk about love and cooperation! But many don’t see it that way, and I believe that is the main cause to pain and illness. When we opt for another beer, has the pleasure turned into pain? When is self realization turned into greed?


You and your body is a love story, if you want it to be one! And as all love stories it starts fading when there is neglecting and disrespect. What the Kidneys need is help to get rid of waste from the normal metabolism. They act as a blood filter and are highly vascular, getting 20% of all the blood flow! They keep the water balance in the cells through the electrolytes (minerals) and hormones, and are essential for the right blood pressure. So if you have hypertension you have probably not been very caring of your body.

Because of all the alkalizing diets, the Ph (acid-alkaline) balance is something most remember as important, but they are all important functions and all correlated. You fix one and you fix them all. Therefore it’s very simple to detox the kidneys – stay away from acid waste and toxins! If you want to go a step further you can take kidney supporting herbs depending on your needs. Get in touch and I’ll help. But start by staying away from the toxins like phosphates (additives). More in this study.

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 9.57.04 AM

Phosphorus is a very common mineral. It’s acid waste as a left over from metabolizing proteins of both vegan and animal sources. The inorganic form is phosphate, mentioned above. The problem is that the animal sourced protein waste of phosphorus is much worse. Scientists don’t agree on why the kidneys have such a hard time with animal sourced food, but several studies like the one below (animal sourced protein v. vegetarian and the phosphorus left over), show that the kidneys can’t get rid of the excess phosphorus when it is from animal sources making the body more acid. Patients with kidney failure are well aware of this as their doctors probably recommend a vegan diet.

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 8.53.43 AM

The best kidney cleanse is the daily one. Try this for one month;

– Stay away from the most acid forming food; sugar (alcohol is a form of sugar), animal sourced food and coffee. I don’t even mention non-food (additives and refined food) in this blog as it is poison, not food! Phosphate is a common one, and everywhere in sandwich and pre-fab food as a preservative, a taste enhancers, etc. So next time you want to enjoy a soda think of your kidneys and let them vote to.

– Drink water (not sparkling, nor sodas or juices) and respect your body’s signals of being thirsty. Keep alcohol (it’s a form of sugar) to none or to maximum 2 glasses of wine per every third day. Spice the water with green or white tea, herbs, fruit, spices, etc.

Herbal cleanses depending on your metabolic type and your needs.

Let me know it there is any other way to health than loving and kind thoughts, words and actions. We are offered a wordily sensory experience thanks to our body. Why waste it?

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