Detox Tips – The True Lasting Detox

Detox is not about a quick fix over a week or green smoothies. It’s to learn how to appreciate and cooperate with our fantastic body and mind and the daily care of them, like we would loved ones (some even take better care of their car!) and be grateful for having them, not take them for granted. They are fabulous tools. When we get aware of our lack of wellbeing a detox almost always starts with our own body health. We think it’s only about the food or exercise. It’s a good start, but we reach a point of realization that our personal health depends on our environment too, and vv. That’s when the Mind detox kicks in. The process is both scrutinizing and blissful, and guidance is sometimes necessary to break a pattern we are stuck in. That’s when things start happening. Quickly!

heart people we become our actions

The key to expand our health beyond us is Thinking and Doing healthy things to ourselves and others, like being conscious about what we say, do, buy, and how we express through being Conscious Consumer & Voting Power! The best detox is the daily one. I repeat!


Compassion and kindness makes us healthy and the most healthy people are those who see beyond their own benefit, beyond gender, nationality, age, status, and all the other things we learnt to see and categorize people with. To everybody! Not just to people that might serve you. The day we think we deserve more just because we are better than…that’s when we are truly unhealthy and corrupt. And remember that a firm No! with compassion is much kinder then a lazy and scared Yes!

book cover normal OO8

So start thinking already today. Write down the areas are in your life that is not doing you good? What and who is steeling more energy than it gives? Go through all that you do to both your own body and mind, and to others, not only humans but to all living creatures, to nature and the universe. Now, this is the real detox! It is hard work scrutinizing oneself and you might want some help. Feel free to use our Olive O8 to sort out a few fundamental thoughts and “detox” your mind. And remember; the brain is one of many organs and the mind is biochemistry too. They are not You! Step out of them, watch yourself with curiosity. Take care of them, love them but don’t be them. 


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