Detox Tips – Some of the Worst Toxins

To detox or to cleanse means to get rid of toxins! So what are those small molecules that makes us ill or even die? Most of us think of the toxins we eat or inhale, or get through our skin, but our bodies also produce toxins depending on how we feel and think! Very bad ones. A thought that causes stress can be measured biochemically with stress hormones and markers for inflammation, and the opposite feelings as compassion and kindness create the healing “happy-hormones”. That’s why our best and longest lasting detox starts with our minds; by using it for some, or by stopping it for others. Use it for what it is good – asking questions, but not finding answers. Feel – the answers are in You!

That’s where we start this new years detox, and probably where we end it too.


When you are ready to get rid of habits that are not helping you nor the world, the other detoxes are often easy. By pursuing better health we don’t have to understand exactly how those habits make us ill in the first place. We only have to understand that they do, and stop doing it. Like smoking! It’s an easy example for everyone to understand. All body and mind issues can be compared to smoking. Why do we smoke? What is the real pleasure of doing it? Is it the relaxed moment, or the taste? Is it worth the harm it does? The same questions can be asked for all painful habits. Why do I lie? Overeat? Eat meat? Consume?


No one can with certainty point out the biochemistry and cause of everything we do. We are all different. Even if we have a lot of statistics of some evident causes of illness and death like smoking, it’s impossible to understand the whole picture. The mind makes questions, the body gives you the answers, specially the gut and the heart. All the science and the thinking as opposed to feeling and just being, hasn’t made us much healthier, has it? Don’t try to figure it all out, trust your heart and your body to know.

Smoking is like hating

We have tried to rely on outer information from “experts.” We even have to ask them when we are hungry and how to run again! The clues to knowledge of what is good and bad for us don’t lay outside but inside ourselves; feel, try things and understand if what you do is damaging yourself and others. In short, to be healthy we need to bring modern knowledge back to nature, our nature. Use the science as an indication, but not the whole truth. To be authentic! That’s what this years detox is mostly about. Our retreats are too, because that is where the health starts, the rest comes by its self. There is a long list of health issues correlated to when we aren’t authentic to ourselves and others; ulcers, IBS, cancer, migraines, cardiovascular diseases of all kinds, joint pain, headache, immune deficiency, thyroid problems…



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