The Best Detox Ever – Embrace the Chaos Theory!

The Chaos Theory tries to see patterns in chaotic systems created by humans or by nature. At our knowledge so far, there seem to be few things more chaotic than the human heart – speeding up, slowing down, pretty face, scary face…it’s heretic! No rules of our modern society apply to the heart. We don’t see any patterns in the chaos of our heart beats that the outer world impose on us, not for us as group, nor for us as individuals. But underneath all that chaos, there is an underlying Truth. That truth can be named love! For anything and anyone.

heart flowers

It’s there, as obvious as our heartbeat, as life itself. As little as we choose to be born, we don’t choose to love or not love. We just do. We just live too, sometimes more, sometimes less. However, the most important thing about love, is that we do choose to give it, and we choose to receive it, making it the least random act in the universe and the only way to bring some order to the chaosIt transcends blood, it transcends culture, it transcends power, it transcends all the dirt that makes us humans. The importance of life is to love. To fully live it, not just to be alive. It’s only possible when we give and accept love, to ourselves too. To express and accept it in all possible forms, small and big. Only love. “Pure” (detoxed) love.

And the hardest thing in life is to know what pure love truly is, because we are so polluted with non-love. We confuse love with the antagonists – pity, alienation, judgment, patronizing, disrespect, inequality, egoism, anthropomorphism, greed, power, to name a few. Love transcends them all. Dig out your love, it’s there. Clean it, as much as you can, then give it. You know better than anyone else if you have to start by receiving love or by expressing it, or both.

It will be the best cleanse and detox you’ve ever done. Most likely the only one you need, and after, you’ll see that the rest of the body & mind detoxes are easy.

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