❤ Happy New Year ❤

Enjoy the Party! Sometimes it’s healthy to be unhealthy. If you can enjoy a cigarette, a big steak, a third portion, or a lazy day on the couch with too many glasses of wine, while catching up with your loved ones, go for it. For us humans indulging goes hand in hand with being social. This is how we usually enjoy others’ company, and there is for most of us a lot of healthy love coming from the company of others.

new year 2015

The un-health arrives (for sure) when the social indulgences become every day habits. It is around this time the body begins to let you know that it’s not doing so well. We get hooked on always having to put something in our mouth if we are to meet friends. It’s part of the “being social” ritual: inherited beliefs and habits that are not so healthy in the long run. I’ve even witnessed people declining an offer to meet with friends, as it implies eating and drinking too much, which causes them to suffer for days after. Crazy! Why is it so hard to say no to food and just meet? What’s wrong with just talking, walking, or just being together? Why do we always have to eat and drink something to be with others?

What works for you, do it, but first reflect, be aware. What ever feels right (for body and mind), do it. If it is to say No! to the third drink, do it. If it’s to eat and drink and party in excess, do it, but promise to enjoy it! Drop the feelings of guilt and “I shouldn’t” and go for it. There will be time for a detox and cleanse after.

hippocrates quote do away w the cause

I always catch up with my loved ones during the holidays. I go along, dance their dance, think their thoughts, talk their talk, and I learn so much. Afterwards I pick myself up. I dance my own dance again, think my own thoughts, talk my own talk. After having had new meetings and new experiences of other views of life, I start my detox by keeping the thoughts I want to keep, and I toss what I don’t want to carry into my future. Then I continue with my body detox. They go hand in hand, and become one and the same.

Starting in 2015 we will, as other years, find ourselves again. As many ancient traditions we start the year with a detox. Only then I can truly connect with myself, understand my signals, and feel my needs. If you want to give yourself a break, join in, read my detox tips starting mid January.
Enjoy! Relax! Accept! Love!
Happy 2015!



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