Diabetes – the Sugar Disease

When you find yourself reaching for a chocolate bar or other sugary treat you probably have a drop in sugar levels for those who eat to much. To keep the high the insulin has to be produced again and again, causing this function to wear out, giving us type 2 diabetes, one of today’s most common diseases. What not many know is that one it’s lethal and two, it’s an industry that receives huge subventions from our tax money. More on that in the next blog.

diabetes epidemic

When a sugar-free diet is consumed, mood levels remain more constant, and your body will actually tap into excess fat as a source of fuel, a process that stops the second you eat sugar or other refined carbohydrates. The liver and kidneys get a chance to detox, to elimanate what needs to be, and you will not get as stressed and irritated. I even see that people become much kinder and nicer when we don’t eat sugar!

sugar in common brands

Not only will you help your body by stopping sugar consumption, you also help to stop Big Sugar, also called ‘the sugar mafia.’ (click the link to see a CBC documentary). These are corporations known for using scruples methods to stop the WHO and other authorities from recommending lower consumption rates of sugar, and who bribe corrupt politicians to get subventions. Unfortunately sugar is the largest recipient of agricultural subventions along with livestock in most of the world. Only we consumers and voters can stop it.  It amazes me how a destructive thing causes so much bad on so many other levels too.


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