Sugar Is an Addictive Fat Promoter

Back in nature, sugar (mainly fructose) was rare, and because it is essential for energy production in the cells, our taste evolved to like it. And when we were lucky enough to find it, we could stuff ourselves with it because the body has no mechanism to feel full on carbs, unlike protein and fats. In that sense sugar in this early form had a role to play, but today, however, because it’s available in every street corner we get way too much of it.

sugar cocaine

When you consume sugar, insulin is released from the pancreas, causing the cells to take up glucose from the blood and store it mainly in the liver and muscles, or convert it into fat. A diet that is high in sugar goes hand in hand with mood swings, because sugar induces a state of elation, or increased concentration, or in general an elevated mood, but is really the body’s stress reaction to a poison. Sugar is literally a drug. That is why it’s so addictive. And we eat and drink far to much sugar today, especially kids, We don’t get full on it, and it’s everywhere!

drink sugar

Once insulin packs the sugar away into the cells, your mood will sour, and the brain then signals that more sugar is needed to regain the high that we have begun to like, but is really just a stress reaction of the body, because the body will always cooperate with us toward balance (homeostasis), using Tryptophan an amino acid involved in all addictions. If you treat your body badly with any excess, it will find ways to compensate for the unhealthy living.

sugar kid

That’s why the first time we smoke or drink it’s a horrible experience, but if we don’t get the message and stop, our bodies get us ‘used’ to it, and we need more and more to get the ‘high’ back. So when a sugar high drops for example, we reach for the chocolate or soda or digestive biscuits, or cereal, perpetuating a very unhealthy and dangerous cycle. Sugar is one of the worst addictions of today.

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