Indifference is unhealthy

I couldn’t agree more with Bernard Shaw; it’s inhuman and unhealthy to be indifferent to others suffering whether it is the suffering of humans, animals or any living spices. Our 30 Day Vegan Challenge is coming to its end with November. Vegan diets shows the most beautiful transformations. What starts as a personal health benefit becomes a humanitarian awakening. Anyone that has tried it knows what I’m talking about!

Bernad Shaw vegan

The Earth is suffering and the future can look very dark sometimes, but I’m sure you see that there are a lot of goodies to focus on too. The hugely growing Vegan Society is one. There is a positive awareness taking place now more than ever, and it’s fast!  Can you feel it? We call it Zoecracy.

Once again we have seen how a plant-based diet makes us kind, creative and hopeful. The health benefits are so clear that after only a month both body and mind can feel it. We don’t need all the science to prove it. It’s obvious! The eyes sparkle, the skin heals, illness and over weight goes as fast as fatigue, stress and irritation. Just as a healthy plant-based diet will make you feel so much better, to feel faith and hope does too. It’s about feeling good. It’s not about the truth. If you feel good by having doubts, keep them. If you feel good when having faith, find it.



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