First Signs of Sub-Clinical Intolerance

Only the food that makes you energized and healthy is good for you. What that is? Only you know! Even if you take all kind of tests you won’t get the whole picture. What mainstream medicine would call allergy or intolerance is far beyond the time you could have done something about the problem. The first signals are the sub-clinical ones. If you respect your body there is always healing, but as always – the sooner the better.

digestive problems

You have to find out and always trust your body in telling you what is healthy and what is not healthy for you, not only food. Unfortunately most of us are so disconnected that they can’t feel and read the signals from their own bodies today, so much that we rather ask experts instead of feeling. At Olive Retreat we teach you how to connect to yourself again, both body and mind, and trust yourselves.

Mandarines might be healthy for some but they are not for me. Nor are potatoes unfortunately, as I love them. To know if you are sensitive to certain food and beverages, you just have to try and feel. See how you react on different food and combinations of food. Some food can be tolerated in the morning but not at night. Discover your body as and interested explorer. If you practice body awareness like yoga, mindfulness etc, you’ll notice them better. And of course…eat real food with its fiber!Healthy Foods

The first signal comes from your belly with discomfort, pain, and a feeling of heavy digestion, later on more pain in the digestive system and even some cramps. You can help your digestion in many ways, by eating respectfully and calm, adding spices like ginger, black pepper, cardamon, cinnamon and turmeric, and by making sure you stimulate all the tastes including astringent.

Spices help digestion

After some 30 minutes the signals come from the rest of the body including your brain with a loss of energy, less concentration, heart beat and sweating, discomfort, and of course digestive symptoms like more discomfort, cramps, bloated and flatulence, and respiratory symptoms like sinusitis. The morning after you can have water retention with puffy eyes, snoring or the feeling of a clogged nose, and feel drained, as a mini hang-over. Science and statistics help us a lot as most of us do have similarities after all and what largely causes intolerance is well known. Most of us are sensitive to wheat and dairy. The same symptoms will be signaling to you if you breath chemicals or other toxins you can’t tolerate, but then your eyes could water as well. Be aware and eat respectfully!


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