Super Foods

Super food is all that gives you Prana! This means better health and more energy…LONGTERM! It is the opposite of everything that steals energy and depletes you. Even supposedly healthy food can be unhealthy if you are intolerant.

 herbs and spices

To start with it’s important to say that we don’t even consider the 75% of the “food” sold in ordinary supermarkets that is stuffed with chemicals, or refined beyond unrecognizable, where everything changed except for the name; like some oils, milk or wheat. Apart from that stuff, what is healthy for you, only your body knows, so feel – it can be anything! More about this in next blog.

Studies of what we call food have given us a pretty good picture of how healthy certain food is counting some nutrients. The contents of minerals and vitamins are pretty clear but there are so many other nutrients that we have no idea about, and much less the interaction in between them. At Olive Retreat we focus on the studies that use whole foods and it’s clear that some stick out from other foods relative the cost and the amount of nutrients.

spiced up water

Here is our list of  the most common Super Foods (organically grown, of course!) that you can find in most well sorted shops. Have as much as you can of these good friends;

Clean filtered water; spice it with any fruits and spices that comes to your mind. I love chili water at noon! Filter away as much of the chlorine and other bad stuff in our water.

Herbs & spices; the harder the spices are like roots and stems the longer they need to be cooked so put it in the pan the first thing with the oil. Leaves and other herbs are better fresh so don’t cook them or as little as possible.

Vegetables; feel which ones work for you, not all fit everyone but most of us our bodies thrive on raw, green leafy vegetables which provide chlorophyl, micronutrients, fiber and water. Do like our cousins the big apes and eat a lot! Other proven good friends are the cruciferous and the leek (Allium) families.

Seeds and nuts are compact with both macro and micro nutrient, easy to preserve and to carry around always there to serve. Much cheaper and hugely better protein source than animals. Soak and sprout them and get more nutrients, but after you have to keep them in the fridge as you woke them up.

bettina smothie1

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