Tips For A Good Sleep

Edison was wrong, sleep is NOT a waste of time. We know better today. The body and specially the mind is highly active during sleep. Besides the detoxing and healing of the cells, it connects to the subconscious you, it processes information, and it’s doing much more than we know of today. Jim Butcher said; Sleep is God. Go worship!”

sleeping brain

Here are a few tips on how to get a good sleep routine. Try to go to bed with good thoughts. Therefore I don’t recommend watching or reading scary thriller films, books, or bloody and depressing news just before bedtime. I actually don’t recommend it at any hour of the day, but especially not before sleep. It affects us more than we believe. Studies show that we are more stressed for a long time after exposure.

full moon morning Istan

If you have trouble sleeping ask us for sleeping routines but first try this:

  1. Listen to your body (be healthy during the day too) and go to bed when you get tired after sunset;
  2. Don’t use alcohol or pills if you want to detox and rejuvenate your cells – it won’t happen!
  3. Make sure your room is aired out with cool, fresh air. Keep the bedroom dark and cool;
  4. Avoid eating 2 hours before bedtime and coffee after noon;
  5. No light for at least 30 minutes before sleep directly to your eyes – no laptops or TV in bed and don’t turn the strongest light on in the bathroom;
  6. Lay on your back and make sure your spine and neck are straight. If you need to help your body for a comfortable posture use a pillow just above your knees, and in-between your legs when you lay on the side (specially comfortable for women with large hips;
  7. Close your eyes and breathe in deeply, feeling how your chest rises, and hold the air in before relaxing and letting it out. Repeat three times and just relax like if you were to meditate;
  8. Let thoughts come, don’t get annoyed, just be with yourself and accept whatever comes to you.


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