Sleep is your best friend – don’t fight it!

When and how much to sleep, is always a question I get. The answer is simply, once again, be healthy during the day and then listen to your body! If you gulp down coffee all day you might not get the “right” signals. To sleep 6-8 hours at night is healthy, not less, not more. Science has shown that sleeping more than 8 hours is as bad as sleeping less than 6 hours, but those statistics don’t show why you sleep less or more. It could be both the symptom or the cause.

emi - gubbe tittar ut Painter: Emilia HA

Normally there is a reason we wake up in the middle of the night, or can’t sleep more than a few hours, or are unable to fall asleep at all. This is a message telling us that something is wrong, and that we better take it seriously and try to figure it out. Is it something we ate, anxiety and worries? Whatever the cause is, respect you body and mind and listen to yourself. If it is worry talk to the ones involved, and use the Olive O7 we taught you at the retreat to “Mind Detox”.

lymphatic immune system

Equally, there might be a good reason if as an adult you need more than 8 hours of sleep. You might have a compromised immune system, or a disease, in which case you could start by getting a blood test. See your sleep pattern as a good health signal from your self to yourself, and help yourself in anyway you can to make your sleep perfect. Sleep is healing; it’s detoxing the brain from both toxic substances and thoughts; it’s reaching the subconscious; it is supporting your immune system, and it should be your best friend, so never fight it. To sometimes refer to sleep as “beauty sleep” is not at all exaggerating, that is exactly what it is as we literally rejuvenate on cellular level, if we take care of it and reach the alfa-wave state. More on the basics of how to get the best sleep in coming blogs.


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