If You Can’t Change It – Love It!

It is crucial for a healthy living to be connected to our surrounding. There is no life force, Prana, in an isolation on any level, cellular nor vibrational. Sometimes we have to disconnect from a form to allow the change! But some hang on to what should have been disconnected long ago, and some tend to disconnect when it isn’t time for it yet, with the result that they can’t disconnect, even if they push it away.

love or hate

If you are unhappy in a relationship, in a house, at a job, with your mum, anything that drains you on energy, you have to find a way to disconnect to be healthy; partly or fully. If you can’t change it, you have to love it. The reasons can be very valid, as if you can’t find a new job, or an affordable house, or don’t want to separate for the kids sake, what ever keeps you from changing what is, you have to love it. Go back and find what you loved about it in the beginning. What you can’t do if you want to stay healthy and send healthy vibes around you, is to continue to be miserable. There is only two ways. You either change it, or you love it!

chuck palahniuk love it or change it


5 thoughts on “If You Can’t Change It – Love It!

  1. As said before in my comments. What if you don’t know. You love but hate it, like it but dont, want it but don’t want anything to do with it. My relationship obviously. I just don’t know what to do.

      1. I hate how we fight, i hate how it never works, i hate how he is obese, i hate how he consistently doesn’t want to anything besides “Watch TV or eat unhealthy resteraunt”. I like how he can make me laugh in a time whenever I’m sad about something that isn’t related to our relationship. I like how he supports me, how he is there fore me, helps me, and his eyes haha. But I talked to someone essential I have broken down the whole relationship to the best of my ability : I’m primairily, with him based on a sense of need and not having to fight for everything in my life. And this has to do with my up bringing – I wasn’t brought up in a stable family setting, was kicked out at 17 and have had to work hard for everything i have or done in my lifI still have a good work ethic and have done everything for myself (braces, pets, car, schooling) and even though trev has helped me through it, we clash on things like everything. thats why i’m wodering if we are better friends ?

  2. My cons out weight my pros. everyone says leave and i can do better. I say it myself. But I cant follow through with my actions. I get anxious, i panic about being alone. About not having anyone to love me anymore. it’s traumatic almost and then i fear all this so i chose to settle. And I know I want out i think or do i ? p.s. i have no kids no commitments with this guy except for years of friendship and a on and off relationship which i know isn’t the one I want.

    1. Hi Amber, you are in good company…what you ask is something we talk a lot about at our retreats.
      It sounds to me that you made up your mind…’it isn’t the one I want’… but have you asked yourself what you want? When you do, try to see if it is what YOU want our what your society has decided you should want.
      We all fear being alone sometimes, but you can be alone in a relationship too. Try to see even here what exactly it is you don’t like by being alone (boring, economic burden, scary…) and see if you can solve it without going in to a whole relationship.

      The same for your boyfriend…if he thinks you are too good for him, on what measurements does he do himself not worthy of you? Income? Knowledge? Who says you can’t be ‘better than him at those things?
      We are so formed with inherited believes of right and wrong that love never gets a chance 🙂

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