Disconnect to Get Connected in A New Form!

Connecting means finding homeostasis on the vibrational level through connecting with oneself, other(s), and it’s a big (huge) part of healing. It’s about allowing to get connected or disconnected, when you need to, on your cellular level as well as on your vibrational. Sometimes you have to disconnect first, then you can re-connect, or connect to something new. We teach methods to do this at the retreat. Mindful breathing allows us to connect.


Your cells do it all the time. It’s about asking oneself and feeling in, respecting ones needs to be healthy and at peace; homeostasis. It can mean connecting to nature, animals, an activity, a person, or a group, but at the same time yourself. Anything, when you feel connected and true. The true part is Key. You can’t fake a connection. Let your inner you tell you what is right, your intuition, your subconscious, you creativity…


If you don’t like your job, or a friend bores you to death, your mum is draining you on energy, you don’t like playing tennis anymore, you don’t like getting drunk or eating crap as before, you can’t fake it. That’s when it’s time change, it’s time to disconnect, and by doing so leave space and time to explore and connect to something else, or someone else.

All separations are disconnections. Some total disconnections, some just partly. Whenever you need to disconnect, you will feel it when you allow it to be felt, and if you are honest to yourself. I know, this is hard. That’s why there are many technics you can practice to start with connecting to yourself; be in silence with your thoughts is one. Some call it meditation.

photo 1


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