Wheat is Not Wheat Any More – It’s Toxic

The September Olive Retreat starts today, with health classes like usual. If you have been to my classes you know that for about 15 years I haven’t considered modern wheat as natural anymore. Now we know that it isn’t. Since consumers wanted a puffy white bread producers gene manipulated the crop to the unrecognizable. How and when did this ancient grain become such a serious health threat?


The answer to this question is simple: They ate Food! Author and preventive cardiologist William Davis, MD, says it’s when Big Agri (largely the same owners as Big Pharma and Big Chemical Industry with leading enterprises like Mons… Yes, that one again. Surprised?) stepped in a few decades ago to develop a higher yielding crop:

“Today’s “wheat” isn’t even wheat, thanks to some of the most intense crossbreeding efforts ever seen. The wheat products sold to you today are nothing like the wheat products of our grandmother’s age, very different from the wheat of the early 20th Century, and completely transformed from the wheat of the Bible and earlier,” he says. Detox this toxin even if you think you are not intolerant, and you will feel better for sure.

wheat is not wheat any more

“Plant breeders changed wheat in dramatic ways. Once more than 150 cm tall, modern wheat of the type grown in 99% of wheat fields around the world is now a stocky 50 cm tall plant with an unusually large seed head that makes it fall and very sensitive to fungus and other pathologies”. Dr. Davis says blaming this involved crossing wheat with non-wheat grasses to introduce altogether new genes, using techniques like irradiation of wheat seeds and embryos with chemicals, gamma rays, and high-dose X-rays to induce mutation. It’s pushed into every corner, now conquering SE Asia that hasn’t eaten wheat traditionally and we already see the healthy effects. Stop eating non-food to help yourself, stop feeding it to your family to help them, stop buying it to help the Earth! Herbs, grains and other ‘old’ wheats are good alternatives although they might have gluten (more about this in next blog).

modern wheat - Pawel K

Credit to painter: Pawel Kuczynski

“Clearfield Wheat sold by B A S F Corporation (the world’s largest chemical manufacturer) was created in a geneticist’s lab by exposing wheat seeds and embryos to the mutation-inducing industrial toxin sodium azide, a substance poisonous to humans and known for exploding when mishandled”, says Dr. Davis. This hybridized wheat doesn’t survive in the wild, and most farmers rely on toxic chemical fertilizers and pesticides to keep the crops alive, but that’s the whole point for these companies. Then they can sell more of their chemicals.

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