We Are Connected in Vibes!

The amount of atoms in the universe is constant, they are constantly ‘re-used’ by all living in a sophisticated recycling system. Did you know that the number of particles in us are even larger than the known particles in the universe! There are an infinite number of connecting possibilities in us, more than in the universe itself, and it’s happening all the time.

baobab tree kenya

When you start looking at yourself in these terms you see very well that a magnesium molecule you just got from eating a banana might have been in a Kenyan Baobab tree with its vibrations still there, or the hydrogen you breathe in might have been in a Colombian kid, and before him in a salmon, a dog or an ant. It is more of a mathematical exercise to see it than a spiritual one. I need to study Physics and Chemistry to get a grip of it. The question I have is if I can ‘clean’ the particles while they stay in me? I think I can. If I can detox I can leave cleaner vibes and particles too. Just as my lungs can filter contaminated air, my words and actions can filter away bad ones. It feels right, no other reason.

Ghandi quote veg

What comes in, comes out with what we define as the mass and its vibration, and what goes out of you the same. It’s like a fingerprint, a common universal print. And it’s passed on through the Ecosystem to everyone else with no limit in time and space. It is the fundamental universal connecting force – (inter) change! Everything is constantly changing through connections, both in time and space. We are not isolated beings, we are connected in a huge One, connected beyond my capabilities to understand in detail, but scientist have shown me in large. And I can clearly feel what gives us a good vibe and what doesn’t. All living is a form of desire. Life its self is based on that desire. Great healing takes place when we let it flow, let life flow, see the synchronicity, connect, disconnect and connect again. Oneness in Connecting.


You can also see it from the opposite side, from the sun and out, to tart where it all begun, with the Big Bang or the Source. On Earth, we are all different forms of the same Life Force (Prana) coming from the same source, and still feeding from its energy – the Sun. The plants produce chlorophyl, we eat it, store the energy, and used in the ATP process to convert into glucose, our fuel. Electromagnetism, gravity, the strong force and the weak force, all energy on the Earth has the same source. We are One big family with the same big Mum. No wonder people have worshiped the Sun and used vibrations for healing; drums, music, tibetan bowl, chants, or the OM in the Pranayamas and Yoga tradition. Try it, say A-O-M! Where do you feel the vibes.


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