Illness Is Not a Coincidence – Nor Is Curing It!

Most diseases are based on oxidation (inflammation), but why is oxidation sometimes kicking in and other times it doesn’t? What is it that we can’t see with our microscopes that evidently is happening simultaneously? Why is a bacteria we have in us all the time, suddenly capable of killing us? Here is where the ‘connectedness’ on the vibrational Me comes in as maybe the most important part of our immune system and even in provoking our genes to act or not act. Studies even show that we can take care of the genes can be turned on or not, and even passed on to our children. You have probably heard of  the ‘Obesity Gene’ that is all over the news now. If you still think genes can’t be changed it’s time to revise that common belief . They can. We ask how?


In the case of our oxidation or not, it’s a series of events in the same time and space, that either starts attacking our cells through oxidation, or an anti-oxidation that heals us. It is not just about the bacteria, the Oxygen nor just about us. There are other things in our surroundings at play as well. The question is what? What are those things happening at the same time, giving birth to a Synchronicity (syn- is together, and -chronos is time in greek), that looks like an outstanding event but is more likely a long process in space an time, that can impact our whole life. Is it a series of co-incidences, many incidents that coincides. Some of those incidences we can make happen, some are beyond us.

Why not do what we know is good for us. If you don’t know what it is; Try – Feel! No one would argue against feeling love is good for healing. Plenty of studies confirm it. My own little personal life long study to see how people heal, and learn from them, shows that too, specially self -love. Feeling connected to everything certainly produces love and compassion, and with it heeling. Quick and absolute healing! Inexplicable with our science for now, but clearly evident, and that’s enough for me even if I can’t explain how.

brain power

The Oneness and Connectedness can be beyond our understanding, but not beyond our use. It is an intelligent subconscious healing that we allow, on both or cellular and vibrational levels. Nobel Price winner Richard Feynman said; All mass is interaction. Luck or Un-luck is a very long series of  ‘things’, entangled events, building up to what happens in the moment. The question is if we can see them coming? We believe we can get better at seeing patterns but there is no way we are capable of understanding all the entangled events. Vedic writers taught us so too. Their verses called Sutras means Strings, and it gave the name of the String Theory i Physics. I don’t believe in chaos, I believe there is an infinitive creativity to heal, but no one can ‘prove’ it. We can only believe and what we believe is important! I believe every act of violence is there on a vibrational level for eternity. Acts of love too.

Einsten - God doesn't play dice



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