Synchronicity Is Happening All the Time

Every time we breath in, we have 10 to the power of 22 new atoms coming into the body. That’s 10000000000000000000000 atoms! The electrons have a charge or a force or an energy. Call it what you want. They connect to other particles, and depending on ‘some thing(s)’, in time and space, we have a certain outcome. It happens all the time, on our cellular level, vibrational and the whole of us. It’s healthy to connect; find your right connections! Jung said loneliness is the cause of unhappiness and illness. He didn’t say to be alone, he said loneliness; to feel disconnected, to not connect with others in any communication.

quote-loneliness-carl jung

Not all of the atoms we breathe in from the air are super healthy, but we don’t always get ill from breathing, do we? Even the most healthy particles can become toxic. We have to connect to them wisely. Our bodies have an inherited wisdom since the beginning of times, evolving together with these particles in an evolution over 13.7 billion years to carefully choose connections. It’s if they need an inherited common language to be able to connect. The body knows best how to use these particles to create homeostasis (healthy balance in a given environment), if we let it do it.

water earth

Lets pick Oxygen to study, as it exists in every cell and we have billions of them in us (too high a figure to write). As water consists of partly oxygen (a person of balanced weight constitutes of about 80% water) and we breathe it all the time, so the exchange is high. When oxygen is paired with 2 Hydrogen atoms we have water, and we all know how healing water can be. When paired with another oxygen we can use it in the cells to produce energy from glucose through the ATP system. It’s all about how we connect and to whom. Connecting is being alive, existing, for us as humans, for our cells, and for all living particles. It is when we notice the connecting we call it Lucky or Unlucky, or an amazing Synchronicity just because we don’t think of it otherwise, but it’s there. You connect all the time, just like your molecules. It could have been ‘building up’ to that happening in a long process of entangled connections. 


Oxygen can also be used as an aggressive ‘cleaner’, by oxidizing what is seen as a toxic intruder in our cells. We can then hope we have eaten anti-oxidants (plants) so that we have enough to stop the oxidation after doing its job. Otherwise the Oxygen molecules continue attacking healthy cells. Then the oxidation can’t be stopped and a nice molecule as oxygen can also be a killer machine, all depending on the circumstances. Just as a great relationship can turn toxic, depending on many other things and happenings. Oxidation is the base of most diseases today. It’s a crucial system, used to fight bacteria and other pathologies, but misused  it’s a killer too. When a relationship has changed we can in the same way as the cell, disconnect, or transform the relationship. Staying in it is toxic. The problem occurs when we stop evolving or disrupt healthy connections by putting an excessive amount of toxins in us; alcohol, fake food and toxins, staying in fake and harmful relationships and stopping the healthy ones. This process can easily be seen and understood with our conscious mind. What process is it we don’t see? More on this later 🙂


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