Detox and Then Re-Connect Wisely

Everything is a constant Connecting and therefore a constant Changing. Life, or to be alive, can be described as how well we share our time and space, in physics called the Theory of Synchronicity. How fast and with whom or with what we connect, both on cellular level and on the vibrational level of us. Both levels can be used to understand the other level of us. The Connecting determines how long and well we will live.

If we have signs of unbalance (unhealthy signs) we have filled our space and time with toxins and lost or space and our time rhythm. To re-connect we first have to get rid of the connections that harm us, i.e. detox. If we want to understand all the infinite possibilities on how we can connect we have a huge problem – we can’t. It’s to huge of a number to grasp, at least for my intellect. I will only get stuck! But I know this ‘connecting’ is real, it’s what is measured as being alive. It’s somewhere in the subconscious, as we can see the results but not see it. So we can only accept and let our inner wisdom guide us. To do so we have to cooperate with our intellect, but not let it rule us, as most of our society taught us to do. There are different words for this wisdom, we can use them all; intuition, creativity, productivity, vitality, energy…

connected subconscious

The first step to re-connect wisely is to ‘free the space’, to allow healthy connections to take place, on both the mass part of you and the vibrational part. Let’s start with the cells. They all have receptors, and have certain possibilities to connect to different particles, and we are totally oblivious to the trillions of biochemical connections taking place all the time. So in a way we can say that we are unconscious of it. Also we are like antennas, communicating with everything around us, consciously or unconsciously too, on a vibrational level. We receive and send all the time, just like our cells having receptors to pick up, and connect to what is passing in the blood stream, we connect on the energy level as well, like having magnets around us all the time. If a cell receptor picks up a harmful toxin we just ate, the good molecules won’t get a chance to enter the cell. In the same way, if we connect with people that make us miserable, we have occupied that space and time with toxicity, and will probably end up miserable as well, and spread it around us. We are infinitive possibilities of connections. We connect all the time, quadrillions of connections, we are connections. When we understand this idea we can choose our connections wisely, i.e become healthy, help ourselves, not harm ourselves.

cell receptors

Just like the whole of us the cells are alive if they connect, when they stop connecting they die. We need to constantly connect. If we only provide toxins to connect to, their space and time becomes toxic too. Then the cell information sent becomes destructive in its own, harming other cells. It gets the time all wrong and loses its crucial life rhythm. Like a heart cell beating too fast, causing hypertension, or a cancer cell that is dividing to fast, making a tumor. On the vibrational part it changes too. It becomes a toxic communicator, a toxic information sender, a twisted receiver. Information is nothing more than a vibration, just as a sound wave, in a space at a certain time. We can see this vibration like an energy sent out, and just as when we say things that harm someone, a cell can send information (vibrations) to harm too, intentionally or not. Mind detox is the beginning of all healthy living.

brain communication outer

Imagine if 7 billion people times 37.2 trillion cells felt this connectedness, this Oneness, and where loving, compassionate and non-violent. Don’t tell me this cannot affect our surrounding, our nature, seas, sky, animals, insects, everything. Many philosophies say it does. The Theory of Quantum Entanglement shows that two electrons are connected even if they are brought apart to the other side of the world. They stay One. They still have a connection, maybe from when they were born in the creation of universe, but now we just have more shared space in-between, although still connected. What if all that vibrational connection is creating us? What if we have an impact on that connection too? Imagine that a molecule that has been in you will be loaded with your energy. I think it does. We are One, responsible for All, affected by All. Try it, feel the connectedness, feel the importance of who and what we connect to, everything from particles in the food, to vibrational connections with other living species. Don’t just do what other do. What feels authentically good for you? What if you by choosing to not support violence, can affect the tree in Africa and the kid in Colombia, the taxi driver in Bangladesh and the whale in the ocean. It’s a thrilling thought! But it’s in no way a new thought.

heart flowers

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