What Does Being ‘Connected’ Really Mean?

Have you ever reflected upon what the ‘all is connected’ really means? To understand connectedness, I see our amazing world in us and outside us, with the kind of scientific thinking I have been taught (cause it works for me, no other reason) I have to think chemistry and energy, particles and vibrations. In this perspective it is totally clear that we know only a fraction of the whole body-mind-vibration, in time and space. If I feel that something has happened to my daughter when it did, was I there with her? If I count my age, is it my water molecules’ age, my physiological age, my iron molecules’ age, or my heart cells that I put a chronological age to? And relative what? A 40 year old can be like an average 60 year old physiologically and vv, depending on where they live, how they eat, work, think, love, and study.

spiral clock

Normally we see ourselves as a unit, a person-unit, but that is too simplistic as the surrounding effects us hugely not only proven in science but we feel it too; other people, animals, food, trees, news, the weather, etc. What if the magnesium molecules and the calcium molecules are connected in ways outside the body as they are inside the body? What if when we lack selenium we will be drawn to someone that has high levels of serotonin, as we know we are drawn to the sun when we lack vitamin D. Or what if when we fall in love our cells pick up and connect to antioxidants easier, and that’s why being in love supports the immune system. In our bodies we have billions of neurons. They make trillions of connections to ‘communicate’ daily, but the most amazing and even incomprehensible figure to grasp (at least for me) is the (possible) connections of these neurons. They are so many that they exceed the amount of particles in the whole universe! Needless to say we know very little of our potential possibilities. Not that I want all my neurons to be active at the same time as this would be called an epileptic attack.

Here is where the subconsciousness has a role to play in this theater of life, it’s maybe even the main character. That’s why we sometimes say it’s beyond us (to understand!). Maybe there is another way of communication than electrical synapses? Some scientist are actually considering this.


The subconscious is often referred to as the mind, but the mind is in every cell and not located to the brain, the memory being an important part that we don’t know where it is located. We have a ‘subconscious body’ as well, so why not just call it ‘the subconsciousness’, meaning the huge part we haven’t been able to explain in our school books yet. It is like the bottom of an iceberg, vaster then the consciousness seen above the surface, in space and time, the two measurements we use as common language to talk about these things, yet still just a human interpretation. There are many practical techniques to connect with or ‘to listen’ to the subconsciousness; yoga, meditation, pranayamas, walk in the nature, etc. But to really feel the connectedness, the being one with everything, and therefore feeling the Oneness, is a practice on many levels, connecting on both the conscious and the subconscious level. Why? Because there is no better healing process! When we feel part of the whole, all the fear of duality is gone. We don’t feel the need to explain or change ourselves or others anymore, everything is a part in each other. The identification as we know by looks, earnings, status, etc, is no longer relevant, all our conditioning measurements are vaporized – Phew! Gone.

krishnamurti identification

Mystic? No, not at all just a way of thinking out of the box they put you in. It can be explained on a cellular level too. Your body is living it everyday and when you distance yourself from it you start getting imbalanced and ill. Hopefully we can clarify a little more in a few blogs.

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