Guilt with shame and blame – the root of all the suffering?

One of the worst toxins, that can harm us as no other, and is so healing when we get rid off, is the famous emotion of Guilt. With guilt comes shame and blame. If we can get rid of those we heal, quickly and deeply. Only then we have a choice to change, and a new energy flow (Prana). That’s when we really heal both body and mind. If there is a difference I’m not so sure. Ancient philosophies say the mind (the conscious and subconscious mind) is in every cell and in connection with our surrounding. Like an iceberg the conscious mind is a very small part.


The healing can be done in many ways, some can do it through their religious believes, but at Olive Retreat we see that the religions are also the source of handing out that Guilt so it’s hard to make sense and one often gives the other. Religions have had just about monopoly on deciding what is right and wrong and forming the rules for judging and declaring us guilty. If we observe a memory and ourselves in a situation that evokes a suffering of pain, anger, sadness and anxiety, we can step out of the subjectiveness and see it through the objective eye. We study it instead of being it. That’s when we can separate our participation from the guilt. That is true love!


You can be part of a situation but not be guilty, like if you hit a dog when driving, you took part that action, but you are not necessarily guilty. This is an easy one but to see once part taking when we were hurt by someone, is more difficult, specially as a child. If there is no guilt there is nothing to pardon, there is just understanding and learning. It’s being in a place and a moment in life where you had to be. In this thinking lays the healing. Understanding that the abuser doesn’t have the possibility of being anywhere else either, or being anything but the abuser in that moment, and just because that you can pardon yourself for the feelings that hurt, and for taking part in the situation. It’s about pardoning yourself for the feelings that hurt, not necessarily the other person for the abuse, there is only understanding. It makes all the difference. It’s a mind detox, a hugely healing thought process, based on many philosophies, Ho’oponopono being a famous one where the life is seen like a path or a tree, with it’s origins in the South Pacific and Hawaii. This can be very difficult to understand from just reading a blog, but when we talk about it at our Olive Retreats, we see the change. From a second to the other we literally see healing.

ho'opnopono tree

Use your mind to heal, just as you use your liver or kidneys to get rid of toxins. Get rid of the guilt, and pardon yourself for your participation in the situations that gives a bad memory and for having bad feelings you have been stuck in. Pardon yourself for everything you suffer from. Pardon yourself for having all you regret doing, to others or to yourself. Pardon yourself for abandoning someone or for having been abandoned, pardon yourself for having done a wrong decision, for not loving or for loving, pardon yourself for being ill, for having cancer, for your insomnia, for having hypertension, for a bad habit, for being overweight, or for being depressed. Pardon yourself for dying or for someone else dying. Observe, see your participation, release by pardoning, and love yourself.

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