The Mind is Your Best Tool – Use It, Don’t let It Use You!

I don’t particularly like the word tool, but it is a good metaphor to explain what I want to say; the brain is an organ or body part, like any other. Just like a hand, a foot, the liver or the heart, we can use it to it’s full potential and live happy and healthy. It is not an enemy if we don’t fight it, if you don’t fight it you respect it and love it, just as you can’t fight hunger and think that you will have a loving relationship to your digestion and immune system. This is a complex thinking so let me explain this in a few blogs the coming days!


You can use this 3-4 kg fantastic organ of mostly a grey liquid substance, as a tool to discover, learn and do the most amazing things. But it is not about controlling the mind. It’s about observing and loving it! The emotions and the thoughts the mind hosts, are measured and seen as the neurons and their connections. We know very little about our mind but what we do know is that the mind is conditioned into what we learn from parents and our society. We need the learning to function ‘normally’ but it’s a fine line to conditioning us. If we understand that it picks up information and judges it relative what we learnt, we can make our own decisions and seeing beyond the glasses of convention. Only you know where that fine line is and there are good practices to find get better and better in finding out, so that you can take those glasses off.

information-overloadArt: Silke Spodzeija 

The interesting thing is that we don’t know where the memory is stored! Where is it in the body? Or is it outside the body?  Ask any neurologist where we store the memory and they won’t know. If we knew we could just go in and ‘fix’ it there (maybe it’s better we don’t know?). We only know that it is picked up from somewhere and used in the connections of the neurons, when activated. That’s when we can ‘see’ it. Maybe in the future we know more and can ‘see’ where it is, or maybe we will never know. I’d love to know, but I’m happy with never finding out too. I accepted my limitations and gave up having to understand everything in my twenties already, because I noticed how it stopped me from living fully. I acknowledged that there is a huge part of us that I can’t figure out and my curiosity to find out more as science is developing is as active today. I love science but I know it is a product of our mind, with all it’s limitations.

sanskara - subconsious mind

So if Ayurveda and other ancient philosophies are right; the mind can very well be in every cell. I don’t find this very surprising as we know so much about psychosomatic health issues. A blockage in the connections of the neurons can in the corresponding area manifest in a physical disease. There are many therapies to de-block like acupuncture, and we can clearly see how a flow of neurological connections, blood flow and other communication flows after de-blocking. We feel softer and light. Yoga correctly done is a hugely de-blocking too. The quickest way to de-block is by using the mind, as I said it’s a fantastic tool. My blog space is out, more about this tomorrow.

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