Is the Brain a Noun or a Verb?

That is the question Deepak Chopra asked the Harvard professor of Neurology, Rudy Tanzi, and it was the start of their research on lifestyle as preventative and curing of disease. At Olive we have 7 Principal Principles and #2 goes: We Are a Process not a Product. It’s clear what we think of the brain. It’s a verb! We think everything is a process. Even the stone with its high density mass is transforming over time. We definitely are! In seven years we don’t have one single cell that is the same. There is no power in Now, the power meaning the energy of life, Prana, is in accepting the change and being aware of it. Have a mind, don’t let it have you.

heart people we become our actions

Decisions we made in the past was done in another context than now, in another cellular body, in another mind. There is no point in beating ourselves or others up for something we did 10, 20, 30 years ago. We weren’t we then. Let go of the now, accept the change, feel the Here. Yes! Here, be in the Here. That’s what the Now means. Not in time but in space. Be where you are; at work, with a friend, eating, on the phone, at a museum. That is healthy! The mind as the body is a tool, an instrument, a device, or much better, it’s a gift. A gift that nature gave you and that you can use. So ask yourself if the mind is using you or you are using the mind. Step our of yourself and observe. Meditate!

brain communication outer


So very often we do the opposite. We hang on to the memory. Actually the strong memories cannot be forgotten, we can always go back and find them. But we can transform them. See them from other angels, other perspective and we can then ‘rewire’ our emotions that are connected to those strong memories. That’s what we call a Mind Detox. There is something hugely freeing to get out of a memory and see it with other eyes. The old Ayurvedic recommendation on how to do this works; Observe yourself from the outer perspective.

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