Fill Your ‘Magic’ Numbers with Meaning

When we get hooked on reaching that magic number, we forget why we do it. Here is when we always lose that battle, over and over again, often with consequences of disappointment and unhappiness. The measurements and judgments of what is the ‘right’ number is most likely inherited, not coming from us. We loose the incentive, so the easy becomes hard, a struggle; an issue of trying harder. Like studying in school with no other purpose than just having to do it. Find the purpose, I’m sure there is one. Then it becomes easier. Even derivates and algebra could feel meaningful for a teenager if they understand the purpose of learning it 🙂


When you find your Why we suggest you step down the trying so hard. Actually, why not stop trying at all? If you don’t know why you do it, don’t do it. Everything that is so hard, a struggle, you don’t really want, do you? Think about it! If you want it, would it be hard? Why would it have to be so serious? If you want to loose weight it isn’t a lower number on the scale you want. When you know why you do it, you can use the number, or pictures, as visual help to achieve what you really want, like a reminder. So start thinking, find your why’s. It’s a great Mind Detox. Then you don’t need to try hard, then the incentive drives you.

oscar wilde-life is to important

If your number is a figure of money, make sure it’s filled with what that money can get you; free time, a thing, experiences, knowledge. If it is a nice house you want, think about what that house will give you that you really, really want; a garden to meditate in; privacy for your kids; silence from neighbors. If you want to travel see yourself on that beach or in that city. You get my point! What does that number really stand for? Maybe you got the number all wrong, maybe you get a job and don’t need to spend your own money to travel, maybe you find the lush garden in a park and don’t need to spend any money at all. Open up to what you don’t know. Our imagination is limiting us as we can only imagine the known.

1 million dollars

If it’s loosing weight you could see yourself flexible, move lightly, climb and run; walking the dog as your 80 year old sparkling mum; to live without knee pain and medicine; to take care of yourself when old; to make love like a Don Juan. What ever energizes you to reach what you want. There is no right nor wrong, only what gives you that force (Parna) to get you there. Fill the magic numbers with a deeper meaning and they might be a better help for you. It’s much more powerful than just the number.

Dedicate a few minutes to yourself daily to meditate, give yourself silence to feel in, and find out what to fill your future with. Maybe it’s a feeling, maybe it’s a consciousness being, maybe it’s just peace. How can you derive the magic number to a feeling, a conscious and peaceful life? Maybe it’s nothing. What energizes me most right now, is to not fill my future much at all, to leave it open for change with what comes to me. But I need to make choices. Of course I do! Or I just leave that burden of making a choice for me on others. I try to choose in the moment and feel what is right, right now. To do that I need to be authentic, but not egocentric. But this is another blog, a very long blog.

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