‘Magic’ Numbers we Hook Up Our Lives On

The ‘magic’ numbers we hang on to in our lives are many. As if by magic, when we only get to ‘the number’, everything will be OK. We repeat them like mantras, as the ultimate truth, and we often make a competition with ourselves (and others) to get there, as if we need to achieve it to be happy, at least that is what we have been told. Magic numbers are OK if they give us energy to reach what we want, but these numbers are often doing the opposite, as they are empty, with no foundation and as such not giving us much Prana (life-force).


The ‘magic’ numbers are many. The amount of money on your account; the magic age you can, or can’t do something; the minutes shown in the display of your running device. The ‘magic’ number that is probably the most wrongly interpreted, is the one that shows in the display of your scale – the weight! There is a vast amount of science on the psychology of eating and weight-loss. It gives us a clear picture that the possibility of losing weight is so much greater if we fill the number with a meaning like becoming healthy not as loosing weight. We repeat; an over weight body is an unhealthy body and an unhealthy body is an unbalanced body. The only thing we need to do is to balance it, i.e. become healthy. Actually it’s even easier, if we just give it a break from being unhealthy, it will slowly but surely find homeostasis, balance, by itself.


When someone says they want to weigh a certain number we always ask why? The most common answer is that they once felt good at that weight. What they don’t realize is how much a body has to change over a life time to be healthy. Normally we become heavier from 30 years of age up to about 60-70 years, and then we start losing a bit again. It has to do with muscle structure, bone mass, hormones, and our lifestyle then and now. It’s practically impossible to reach the same weight as 25 years ago if you today have less muscle, take medication, have inflammation and water retention and are stressed! And what does weight have to do with it anyway? Isn’t it rather the fat you want to loose and muscle you want to gain?

lost weight pants

If you want to have a good looking body, see yourself as good looking, not a number. It’s even better if you go a step further and think about why you want to look good. That’s where you find the real energy. Is it really to fit those saved cloths, size 38, or is it be in peace and healthy so you can see your grandkids grow up and get married? You can very well fit cloths but also have cancer! Numbers seldom work for us. Our clients are often surprised we don’t weigh anyone in like other retreats, when they come to lose weight. We help them find what they really want instead, and how to do it. That’s what gives them a chance to change. Not a number!


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