Our Ice Bucket For (Over) You!

Sorry, no, I won’t share the ALS bucket challenge to raise money. Not because I don’t have a heart, not because I don’t want awareness about the disease, or money given to research treating it. I won’t give money because it is precisely NOT going to research, and the little (about 20%) that goes to research is wrong, done for drugs that only aim to treat symptoms, and get a patented chemical product that probably gives as many side effects as other products they call medicine, with sometimes 1000% margin!

expenditure Big Pharma

This chart (source: WHO) shows how minuscule the clinical trials are compared to the marketing. We have often been told that the Pharmaceutical Industry has such a high cost of R&D that they need huge margins on their patented products. This is not true. The truth is that they spend over 20 times more on marketing and sales, than on R&D and a lot of their communication is lobbying to make natural remedies illegal, research of them impossible, and bonuses to doctors in money or nice conferences to Hawaii with their spouses, i.e. just another form of bonus. Below you see another chart showing the expenditure on R&D of sales cost per company (source:WHO).

Big Pharma sales cost R&D

The pink ribbon is sadly another huge one of those scams. It should start again soon and I wonder if it is not more of a feminist thing with all it’s hidden messages on Facebook excluded from men just because they are men (!) and a total unawareness of the disease, as there is still no medicine and cancer rates have gone up not down. The two purposes of the pink ribbon; to raise money for breast cancer research and raise awareness about the disease, are both a joke. I have seen pink ribbons on the most dangerous things like cosmetics; containing propylene alcohol, parabens and phthalates that is what causes it; on food with half the ingredient lists of additives that is everything but food; on deep fried nuggets! It’s not fighting cancer, it’s something else.

So what is the result of all the money given during these campaigns? Nothing! Except maybe richer companies. This chart shows that since 1975 the cancer survival rates are the same. In spite of all ‘the research’. Imagine if the money would have been given to inform about natural process of healing through plant based food and herbs. Hippocrates i probably turning in his grave! The oath all doctors take in his name is a shame.

cost and survival rates cancer

Big Pharma spends much less money on R&D than the telecom or car industry relative marketing. I got that cold bucket over me years ago, when I thought all the money I gave for cancer research actually was for cancer research – but it wasn’t! The money I give to beat cancer is the daily one, as a consumer, through my job, and through sharing information. After finding out the truth, learning and finding other ways to treat, I have since dedicated my life to sharing what I learnt, even the VERY unconventional knowledge as this ancient method of making an oil to fight cancer, now legally prescribed by doctors in California. Good for them!

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