Good Old Detoxes and Cleanses

We are all different and the cause of the digestive disorder(s), is hard to identify but we believe, as ancient medical philosophies, that it’s the gut is the start to many diseases and also to heal. I haven’t met anyone so far, that hasn’t become a lot healthier, getting rid of both disease (and their medicine), and that extra fat the bodies desperately keeps to store toxins, when eating predominantly plant based food for at least 6-12 months and letting go of toxins. It’s all connected. If your weight is bothering you more than your disease, get rid of your toxins anyway. You will lose weight. The healing from diabetes, hypertension, arthritis and other diseases is a bonus.


I DON’T recommend you to do any of these cleanses before you do the daily detox predominantly, for at least half a year. The risk you take is to just put a larger load on your body than you already are if you eat animal food and drink alcohol every day. If you are already taking medicine, you should check with your medical professional before you do any cleanse. Even if you would get through a detox cleanse what’s the point, if you are going to continue as before and clog up your systems again? If that’s your plan, you better read our mind detox blogs first and figure out why you want to hurt

You might want to seek help from a holistic professional to do some of the more specific cleanses of organs. Here are some of the most common home cleanses;

  • The Salt Cleans of the digestive system; it’s an old Ayurvedic recommendation to drink sea water to clean the digestive tract. Today the sea water is far too dirty and you risk getting more heavy metals and plastic in you. But you can make your own salt water by mixing 1,5 table spoons of Epsom salt or unrefined Sea salt, per liter water (not refined table salt that only has sodium left, shouldn’t eat it either!). Drink it in the morning, after only having liquid food for 24 hours. It causes the whole system to be flushed out from stomach to colon, all the way through. Salt is antiseptic but there are also great herbs that you can take together or separate as tea like the Essiac Tea, essential oils, or as supplements. Plants like black walnut, oregon, slippery elm, woodworm, garlic, bergamot, eucalyptus, lemongrass, papaya seeds, lavender, etc. Each area has its own tradition, learn from your grand mum! Most spices are also hated by most microorganisms; cinnamon, cardamon, turmeric, ginger, saffron, chili, nut meg, etc.
  • The Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse; it’s an old remedy from the Mediterranean area, to get rid of ‘stones’ that block the liver and gallbladder. It’s done by drinking olive oil mixed with fresh grapefruit or lemon juice after a fast without fats. By putting so much oil into you at the same time that the bladder has to produce huge amount of bile and this flushes the organs and stones come out. These stones are encapsulated microbes done with cholesterol and bile. The most well known system for this kind of cleanse is Dr. Hulda Clarks Cleanse,  She means that you have to take herbs and use a Zapper to kill of any encapsulated microorganisms that you might ‘wake up’ which makes sense if your immune system is not top, then I would follow her protocol.
  • Liquid Days – for digestive tract and weight loss. At all our retreats we offer this cleanse. It’s basic, everyone can do it. You liquidize all your food, with fresh greens and only drink for 24-48 hours, no solid food. You get the protein and other nutrients you need but you let your digestion rest as it is all liquidized already and give your organs a chance to cleanse. It’s important how you drink not only what you drink, for example you only drink when you are hungry, not when your clock tells you should be hungry. It is a practice of mindful eating which is key for losing weight and a good cleanse.
  • Low Carb Diet/Candida Cleanse – if you have candida over growth (funguses) or other imbalances in your gut flora, which is very common (white tongue in the morning, bad breath, noisy and painful digestion) you can do a Candida cleanse which is a step further to the Low Carb diet including essential oils and other. The Low Carb Diet avoids all sugar forms except for 1 fruit a day, and very little or no rice or grains that has to be eaten whole with all it’s fiber and nutrients intact.

Any question? Let me know!

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